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Pokemon TCG: Live Release Date, Trailer & Currencies

Pokemon TCG Live

When will the new pokemon game, Pokemon TCG, release? And what kinds of new features and updates will it have compared to its previous beta version on Play Store and App Store? To all the devoted Pokemon fans out there, you are in good luck as the game’s release is way closer than you think, and it is finally launching in all devices, including iPhone and Android! Years after releasing the current most-used online pokemon game, the Pokemon Company announced its iteration – Pokemon TCG Live.

With the Pokemon company’s official announcement, the next era of Pokemon Card Games begins with launching the new app Pokemon (TCG) Trading Card Game Live. Unlike the previous Pokémon TCGO, the release date being in May 2012, this new app is updated. It will contain lots of frequent upgrades, improved visuals, and additional content is never seen before.


Pokemon TCG Live

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About Pokemon Trading Card Game Live – Release date, device compatibilities, and platforms

As part of the festivities for the celebration of The Pokémon Company International’s 25th anniversary in business, the announcement by Barry Sams, the vice president of the Pokémon TCG at The Pokémon Company International included,

“As we look back on 25 wonderful years of Pokémon, we are once again reminded of how the Pokémon Trading Card Game has always been a strong pillar of the franchise and beloved by young and veteran Trainers alike. Pokémon TCG Live will go hand in hand with the tabletop version that fans know and love and welcomes a new era of digital play where Trainers around the world can play together regardless of their preferred platform.”

The company announced that TCG Live would be available towards the end of this year with a soft launch for iOS and Android. An open beta version will also be available for PC and Mac, globally, along with compatibility for other devices gradually.

Now that we know the time of the release, here are some platforms that the game will be available on during its launch:

  • iOS, iPhone 7 and iPad 2017 and newer with iOS 15
  • Android, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy Tab A and newer, requiring 2GB of ram and Android 8.0
  • Also available in Windows 7 and later for PC and Mac OS X 10.12 and later for Apple computers.



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New and Upcoming exciting features!

Due to the storm of nostalgic Pokemon fans, the company promises to implement some of the most original features absent during its predecessor game. Some of these features include:

Avatar customisation

The latest feature includes customising your avatar to look exactly like you, giving it a more realistic gameplay experience! The options include skin tones, hair options (shape and colour), eye colour, clothes, hats, accessories, tops, bottoms, shirts, shoes, and many more. The only limit is your creativity.

Currency changes

The new currencies include Coins, Credits and Crystals. Coins are mainly used for accessories like hats, glasses, clothes, deck boxes, sleeves, and other in-game shopping. Credits are used to redeem single pokemon cards to get in your collection. Crystals allow players to acquire cards from the online shop to get different types of cards like Booster packs or single cards.

Eight pre-constructed decks at launch

When you launch the game to get started, you will receive eight decks. You can make one yourself as you progress in the game gradually.

Battle pass

The battle pass is an essential pillar of the game as development can enable the player to unlock in-game booster packs and more.


Avatar customization

Will it be possible to transfer old files or cards from previous accounts into Pokemon Trading Card Game Live?

Fortunately, the option for the player to transfer old saved files and accounts of the Pokémon TCGO game into the new Pokemon TCG game is present.

Although there will be a limit to how much you can transfer, the option to move cards from earlier sets like the Black and White series, the XY series and the Sun & Moon expansions will go live at some later point in time.

The game does not follow a Gacha system and does not contain any in-game currencies or wishes except Coins, Credits and Crystals.

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