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Pokemon Snap 1.2 Update: What You Should Know

Pokemon Snap 1.2 Update

Bandai Namco Studios, the developers of the new Pokémon Snap has released a new update for the game. The new Pokemon Snap 1.2 Update comes with many bug fixes. The major bug that the players reported was the issue regarding the Proud Warrior mission, where the players were unable to complete the mission because of the bugs affecting the gameplay. We will break down everything that has changed after the Pokemon Snap 1.2 Update and also will let you know if you should download the Pokemon Snap 1.2 Update.

Developed by Bandai Namco Studios and published by Nintendo, the Pokemon Company, The new Pokémon Snap is a photography-based game. The game was made available to the public on  30th April 2021. As the date suggests, the game is in its early stage even if it is made available to the public. As the general public is always able to find the bugs or any issues present in the game, that may have escaped from the eyes of beta testers or at any levels of testing. So it is not an issue if you find some kinds of issues in the game.

The best you can do is to inform the bugs or issues to the developers. Since the developers have released the update to patch the bugs shortly after the community reporting the bugs, we can hope that in the future also, we could expect better developer support, and they can provide a better experience that will improve over time. This is what the players should look for if they see a new game or want to stay with a game for a longer period of time.

Pokemon Snap 1.2 Update: What all have changed?

In the official patch notes from Nintendo’s website, we are able to see what all have been changed with the latest update. In the Pokemon Snap Ver. 1.2, which was released on 27th May, the update was focused on addressing several issues faced by the players in order to improve their gaming experience.  The other major focus of which the update was released was to solve the issue on the Proud Warrior Mission where the players are unable to complete the mission.

Many of New Pokemon Snap’s bugs and issues were invisible to the average player, but the Proud Warrior Request has been a particular sticking point in the community, being one of the few Requests that players have been unable to complete. Luckily, this Request is now fixed and is probably the biggest change that has been made to New Pokemon Snap.

Should you update to Version 1.2?

It is recommended that if you haven’t downloaded the update yet, then download it very soon. As this update comes with many patched too many of the bugs present in the game, that will affect the gameplay experience. Although some of the bugs may not even be noticed by many of the players, it is suggested to download this update. Also, this update removes the issues in the Proud Warrior Mission, where the players are unable to complete the mission.

Pokemon Snap 1.2 Update

If you are one of the players who were unable to complete the mission or are about to get into the mission, better download this update first and then played the game.  Here we will show you how to update Pokemon Snap version 1.2. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, open your Nintendo Switch Home menu
  • Choose the New Pokemon Snap icon
  • Press the + (plus) button to move forward to the next step
  • Fins the Software Update tab
  • Lastly,  select “Via the Internet” in order to download the update via the internet.

Pokemon Snap 1.2 Update

Users, who are unable to update the game through the internet, or want to know how to update Pokemon Snap 1.2 Update without the internet, then select the option Match Version With Local Users. To update the Pokemon Snap to the latest update without the internet, players need another Nintendo Switch, which has an updated version of the Pokemon Snap. After clicking on Match Version With Local Users, all you need to do is to follow the steps, and you are good to go.

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