Pokémon GO Ready to Add Sinnoh Pokémon

Pokemon GO is still going strong even after years after its release. The game might not be as hyped as it was during the initial release of the game. The Pokemon Company made a huge announcement recently, and it was related to the next big update that the game will receive. They released a video which announced that the game would be adding more new Pokemon to the game.

The game will be adding more Pokémon from the Sinnoh region. The new Pokemon will appear from the fourth generation games, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. Niantic added the third generation Pokemon from the Hoenn region back in December 2017. They first added some third gen Pokemon during the Halloween event.

The Pokemon Go game launched in the United States in July 2016. The game has come a long way, and it seems that it will continue to flourish for quite some time. Despite, a lot of players saying that the game won’t last long, there are many players who still play the game.

The numbers might not be so high as compared to the earlier months, but, they aren’t bad either. Otherwise, Niantic would have already stopped rolling out the updates and other events. The game is very much still alive, and it will probably go on for a few more years. It all depends on Niantic and how they handle the game.

I am a big Pokemon fan, and I really liked the game. However, I do think that there many things that Niantic can actually address and make the game better. Maybe they can release a new game altogether. It will be exciting to see if Niantic have any more ideas. I’m sure we will get a glimpse of what Niantic are planning. Pokemon Go v2 can actually be way better if Niantic really put more effort into it.

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