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Pokémon Go May Community Day Set To Feature Alolan Geodude!

Alolan Geodude

Well, who doesn’t know this infamous game! Fans around the world are always looking forward to knowing more about Pokemon Go. Moreover, multiple people have come up with their opinions of this game. Little did you know that Pokemon Go rose to prominence for its extravagant gaming style. As the gameplay was pretty different, and no one else had ever seen such games before. Speaking of which, fans are looking forward to knowing more about the features of Alolan Geodude in Pokemon Go, as the creators have announced exciting things about it for the upcoming May Community Day 2022.

When it comes to this monthly event, this program is all about celebrating the moments of all the fans of Pokemon Go! It’s good to see how fans can have a separate event for themselves. Moreover, many players were impressed by this unique innovation. As of now, this year’s event is going to be one of the most trending topics on the internet because it will give you all the information about Alolan Geodude in Pokemon Go! Well, this article will tell you all about it. And guess what? Every month will offer you a new Pokemon, and that’s the most exciting part of this program!

More About Pokemon Go!

When it comes to the arrival of this game, it dates back to the year 2016. The creators of this game were looking forward to creating a mobile game, and guess what? They were successful in doing that. Pokemon Go rose to prominence immediately, and overnight it became a very popular game as well. People started playing it from every corner of the world. Well, there are several levels when it comes to playing this game, and these include functions like finding and catching your Pokemons.

Pokemon Go Alolan Geodude

Pokemon Go: Al the important and powerful Pokemons from the game

Once you’re done with that, players can easily move on to the upcoming levels, and they can groom their Pokemons according to the way they like. Even though the responses of the users were not entirely positive, the game didn’t fail to withstand all the difficulties. Moreover, it turned out to become one of the most popular games in the world as well. There are times when players found their Pokemons in absurd places, and this became one of the major controversies of this game since people broke all records to locate their favorite Pokemon.

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And this resulted in the loss of life as well. But anyway, there were others, and they all summed up to make a huge army of more than 150 million players worldwide. Another exciting about this game would be its ability to make a person travel and explore new places. And this was the main link between the game and the person. Being present physically is one of the most significant parts of this game. Moreover, the idea of customization was a super hit as well. Because when it comes to playing certain games, fans always complain about the characters. As of now, everything is appreciated by all the Pokemon players.

Pokemon Go May Community Day Set To Feature Alolan Geodude!

The announcement was officially made by the creators of this game itself. Moreover, the community event in May will cover all important information for the players. And the creators of Pokemon were also happy to announce the arrival of the Rock Pokemon, Alolan Geodude. It seems like they’re all pretty excited about his appearance at the event. Moreover, on their official site, they also cleared their point of view regarding the features of Alolan. As per them, he appears more in the wild!.

Alolan Geodude will be introduced in the community event on May 21, 2022

Pokemon Go: The 2022 Community event for Pokemon Go will premiere on May 21.

And guess what? They also told everyone to pay extra attention since you might find one anytime! Apart from this, they continued the announcement with all the necessary information which included things about event bonuses as well. As of now, people are pretty aware of his powers since he can make use of his rocky and electric powers at the same time. But the Rock form is way stronger than anything else. Moreover, having this Pokemon will provide you with a lot of benefits as well. Having this one by your side will help you explore the unseen sides of Pokemon Go.

Alolan Geodude is set to be featured in May Community Day on Saturday, May 21, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time.

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