Pokemon Go! Finally Add ‘IV-Generation’ Sinnoh Pokemon

If you’re one of the youngest members of the Pokemon community, it is likely that your first game has been Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum. The first three generations of Pokemon games has already been added in Pokemon Go! And now, Niantic decided that it is finally the time to add the Pokemon from the Sinnoh region inside the game.

Pokemon Go! Introduces Sinnoh Pokemon

More than two years since its release date, a lot of changes has happened in Pokemon Go! It finally added the Pokemon from the Johto and Hoenn regions, which are some of the oldest and most beloved regions in the whole Pokemon universe. Though for younger audiences, their first Pokemon game might likely Platinum, Pearl, or Diamond. Fortunately, Niantic decided to finally release the Sinnoh Pokemon in the wild. Get ready to see Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig in this trailer below.

According to Niantic, the Sinnoh Pokemon will be added, but it will be in waves. It is likely that the game will release the starters first. So if your favorite Pokemon is on the other side of the Pokedex, you might have to wait a little longer to see them in-game. Sinnoh Pokemon can be spotted in the wild, hatching eggs, or in the raids.

Recently, the support for Pokemon AR+ for Android was also released, and it looks great. The Pokemon that will appear will be scaled down properly in your line of sight and will come at you so you can catch it earlier. Players can also earn Expert Handler bonus while in Pokemon AR+. The app requires ARCore to be downloaded in Google Play. Before you can use the mode, you need to check if your phone supports ARCore. Pokemon AR+ is also expected to support the newly released Sinnoh Pokemon.

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