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Pokemon Go Bonus Kanto Event For Limited Amount Of Trainers

Pokemon Go Bonus Kanto Event

Pokemon Go bonus Kanto event for a limited amount of trainers. Who remembers the Kanto event that happened the last week? While a lot of trainers had fun and few didn’t have fun with the event. There were several bugs. Many of these glitches involved raids not working properly or new friends not showing up for some trainers.

Despite the bugs, it was still a pretty successful event, or was it? Why are we seeing this make-up event? If the Kanto event was a success we shouldn’t be seeing a bonus or make-up event. The reason why we are seeing this is that there was a much bigger glitch that some were able to receive.

About the Glitch

Pokemon Go Bonus Kanto Event

This glitch wasn’t a harmful one. In fact, it helped many trainers save some money. Each trainer that experienced this bug saved the amount the ticket was. While some trainers got to save almost 12 United States Dollars. Other trainers lucked out.

What this glitch did was it allowed for trainers who didn’t purchase the Kanto tickets to still “receive” the contents of the tickets. This is unclear if it was accessible to everyone who didn’t buy the ticket or not. It will be hard to say if everyone was able to access this bug too because not everyone would have tried to use the ticket.

Players who were able to achieve the Field research during the Kanto event will get to keep the research. Niantic has stated they will not be removing it from those who were able to receive this glitch.

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Who Loses Out On This Event?

Pokemon Go Bonus Kanto Event

While Niantic is trying to make this fair for everyone. Believe it or not, there will be several trainers who lose out from this bonus event. Those trainers are the ones who didn’t get the shiny Mew field research. While the glitch affected a good amount of people. It’s hard to say how many people actually got to do the ticket event.

We know everyone who properly purchased a ticket was able to do it with very few glitches and bugs. These bugs and glitches consist of things like raids not working properly, or new friends not showing up on your friends’ list. However, these trainers lost out on the event too.

Not in the way you may be thinking of though. They are losing out because they had to buy the ticket to get the shiny Mew field research. Making it an unfair advantage for those who bought the tickets. Mostly because these trainers had to spend 12 dollars on the ticket while other trainers got to do it for free.

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About The Event

There really isn’t a whole lot about this bonus event. Making several trainers unhappy about it. While the regular event seemed to have been a hit. This bonus event seems to be a bit unfair. Only the trainers who had bought the Kanto tickets can do this event. While the trainers who lucked out overall, just lucked out on any of the events.

You will receive the following items during this event which has already taken place, starting the 5th of March and ending on April 5th. Meaning you will have a whole month to complete the field researches to obtain these items.

  • 30 Ultra balls
  • 1 Lure module
  • 1 Poffin
  • 1 Super incubator
  • 1 Lucky egg
  • 3 Silver Pinap Berries
  • 1 Star piece
  • 1 Elite Fast and Charge TM
  • 1 Charge TM
  • 1 fast TM
  • 100 Mew Candies.

For more information please visit the official source Pokemon Go Live

While trainers aren’t too happy about this event, keep in mind it is still highly worth doing. Mostly for the 100 Mew candies you get at the end of completing the timed field research.

Who wouldn’t want to power up their shiny Mew event more than what they could have through the Field research? Keep in mind also, this is a timed event. If you bought the Kanto ticket. Be sure to complete the timed research before the event hours are over. The event ends at 10 am local time on April 5th.

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