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Pokemon Episode 71: Preview and Recap

Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

Today we’ll be digging into Pokemon Episode 71. The young dreamers’ boys aim to achieve their goals; Satoshi wants to battle the Supreme Monarch, Dande, and Goh, who dreams of catching every Pokemon to reach Mew. The stories of the two adventures continue as they win battles and catch more Pokemons. Pokemon 2019 is also known as Pokemon Journeys: The Series. Let’s find more about Goh and Satoshi as they worked towards their dreams. Team Rocket wakes up in the morning and finds that thing is missing. Meow realizes that boss is talking about cake.

Team Rocket realizes that scary Pokemon eats their snacks and plans to lock that dangerous Pokemon. Meow said that guy is overeating, and they have to do something, or their pockets will get emptied. Kojiro comments that all the money from their part-time jobs goes to feeding Morpeko. Mushashi suggests that they can do their part as Team Rocket members. Kojiro replies that he has no idea about what to do, and Meow indicates that they could catch Morpeko, and he will listen to them. Kojiro comments that Morpeko is good for nothing besides eating.

Morpeko continues to eat and evolves into another form without Team Rocket noticing. Sakaki realizes that when Morpeko grows, he becomes a cute behaving Pokemon, and they can’t capture him when he is in a suitable model. In his evil mode, Morpeko rules the houses, and every food belongs to him. The episode title is ”Please! catch Morpeko.” The next day after suffering from Morpeko’s torture Kojiro headed to the mountain with Morpeko. Kojiro decided to return the troublesome boy to the wild. He notices that Morpeko is behaving and wonders why they have to send him to the wild.

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 70

On their way to the mountains, Morpeko tries o bribe Kojiro with a cute smile. Kojiro almost falls for that, but he decided not to face Morpeko. Morpeko offers Koijiro food, and he comments that this guy is pretty cute when he is not hungry. The two continue with their journey, but Morpeko seems to be innovative. Kojiro hides, and Morpeko keeps on walking deep into the forest alone. Morpeko left a trail of the food he was eating, and Kojiro thinks he has fooled Morpeko. When he thinks of going home, he finds that Morpeko is in front of him.

Later the two head to the city, and Kojiro wonders what he should do. Suddenly Moperko enters his rampaging mode, and Kojiro realizes that it is time for torture. Fortunately, Kojiro saw a snack shop and decided to buy everything for Morpeko. So Kojiro ran away and left Morpeko eating alone. When the sundown Morpeko finished eating and evolves to his average body. Kojiro thinks he has escaped, and Morpeko won’t make his way to the base. But Morpeko follows the trail of the food that he drops along the way.

Meanwhile, Musashi and Meow returned from shopping, and Musashi comments that they will finally eat in peace. Meow remarks that it was an excellent decision to make Kojiro handle Morpeko. The trio bumps with Kojiro, and they are glad that he is back alone. When they arrive at the entrance of the base, they find Boss Morpeko waiting for them. Musashi questions Kojiro about what is happening. Kojiro replies that he gets the job done, but he is surprised that Morpeko is here.

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

Boss Morpeko

Boss Morpeko punishes Team Rocket for trying to abandon him. The snacks that they brought back Morpeko took all of the snacks. Team Rocket got sent flying, and they felt like they were fighting with the adventurers. The following day the team tried to hide, but Morpeko followed them everywhere. Meow notices the brat boys catching Pokemons and realizes that they are succeeding. Goh and Satoshi manage to catch Ratta, and the data got added to the index. Goh celebrates that he saw Ratta.

Team Rocket assemble and decided to lure Goh and Satoshi to capture Morpeko. Meow puts Morpeko in Goh and Satoshi’s path. Mushashi thinks that the duo won’t resist catching Morpeko. Surprisingly Goh and Satoshi overlooked Morpeko and wanted to grab new Pokemon. Team Rocket can’t believe that their plan didn’t work. They hed o the drawing board and tries to find another way to get rid of Morpeko. The up with up operation catch Morpeko. The plans keep on falling, and Goh and Satoshi are busy denying their day.

Later, Team Rocket put Morkep near the waterfall, and Meow comments that the brat boys are here. But the Goh and Satoshi spot another Pokemon the took their attention away. Team Rocket wonders why the brat boys can’t capture Morpeko. Goh and Satoshi met with a guy who claims that he can see the future. Goh thought that the guy would tell him about his dream Pokemon Mew, but the guy points at the wrong Pokemon instead of Morpeko. The second attempt to get rid of Morpeko failed. Later Kojiro became good friends with Moperko and decided to get capture by Kojiro.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 71 Release Date and Preview

Pokemon Episode 71 release date is set for 18 June 2021, at 6:55 PM JST. You can watch Pokemon 2019 online on Netflix.

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