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Preview & Recap: Pokemon 2019 Episode 76

Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

The boys arrived at Sinnoh Region in the midst of investigating a nightmare occurring in Sinnoh. Satoshi and Goh pursue Dakrai while Koharu and Evee traveled to Sinnoh and met Hikari, a girl here for a Contest. The two went to the forest and encountered an injured Cresselia. Let’s find more about the two legendary Pokemons on  Pokemon 2019 Episode 76. The episode title is ”Cresselia: A Midsummer Night’s Light.”  Koharu uses her Index Data and finds that Cresselias is a Crescent Moon Pokemon, Psychic-type. It is the Crescent Moon Incarnate.

The feathers of Cresselia are said to have the power to drive away nightmares. Hikari realizes that Cresselias should be on Full Moon Island. Koharu wonders where is Full Moon Island. Hikari comments that she met Creeseslia there before and notices that Cresselia is fatally wounded. But Cresselia attacks them, thinking that they are enemies. She feels that they are with those Team Rocket guys who were chasing here. Hikari told her that they are not enemies and Evee decided to talk with her. Koharu realizes that her father said that humans and Pokemons could understand one another if they face each other.

Koharu steps forth and embraces Cresselia showing that they want to treat her. Hikari prepares healing herbs, and other Pokemons befriends Cresselia. They wonder if someone attacked Cresselia. Hikari replies that Darkrai might have attacked her; Koharu asks who Darkrai is. Hikari responds that Darkrai is a Pokemon with the power to give people and Pokemon nightmares. But Cresselia can dispel ”Darkrai’s nightmares.” That makes Cresselia and Darkrai the enemies. They two help Cresselia recover to recover, and she is back in full shape. Hikari reveals that he traveled with a Pokemon doctor who taught her to use healing herbs in the past.

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Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 75

Hikari said that her other friend was not a Pokemon guy, and they call her a Pokemon freak. Koharu replies that she has a friend who is the same. Meanwhile, Satoshi caught a cold on his way to Darkrai. Koharu and Hikaru talked about the Legendary Pokemon Coordinator, Ayako. Hikari reveals that Ayako is her mother, and she was doing an interview in the afternoon. Koharu admits that she saw her with Evee. Cresselias is enjoying the fire around them. Koharu is impressed that Hikari’s mom is a Legendary Pokemon Coordinator.

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

Hikari said she is chasing the same dream to become the Legendary Pokemon Coordinator. She asks Koharu about her parents, and Koharu said her mother is an illustrator, and her father researches Pokemon. Hikari comments that Koharu’s father is a Pokemon Professor. Koharu tells her that she doesn’t want people to assume that she will become a professor like her father. But she is trying to think of something that she ant to do. Koharu realizes that there is no need to rush since she has met Evee, who hasn’t decide when to evolve. Evee copies the moves of other Pokemons and tries out all kinds of things.

Hikari realizes that she saw Evee trying Pochams’s ability. The two talked about Evee and her abilities. Koharu concludes that she will wait for her time without rushing things and decided on what to do. Evee and Pochama enjoy eating food together. Hikaru said Pochama has decided not to evolve since he wants to stay on her side forever. Team Rocket arrives to steal Cresselia, but they defeated them. Goh and Satoshi arrive and learn about Cresselia but got captured, and Dakrai comes and rescues them. Darkrai and Cresselia befriend each other and head home.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 76 Release Date

Pokemon Episode 76 release date is Friday 5 August, at 6:55 PM JST. The anime: Pokemon 2019 releases a new episode every Friday. This anime is one of those animes that has infinity episodes. You can convert the JST to get the episode as soon as they are released. Pokemon 2019 will continue with its weekly release. Let’s take a look at the latest preview of Pokemon 2019 and other updates below.

Where To Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 76?

You can watch Pokemon 2019 online on Netflix. Pokemon 2019 is also available on its official website, and you can also get access to its dub on Netflix and other official platforms. Make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming episode of Pokemon 2019. Let’s meet next time when anime releases a new episode.

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