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Spoilers & Preview: Pokemon 2019 Episode 75

Pokemon 2019

Let’s take a look at the adventures of Goh and Satoshi on Pokemon 2019. The episode begins with an airship pursuing a flying Pokemon. Inside the airship, there are members of Team Rocket that manage to shoot the flying Poken down. Their leader told the soldiers to chase that Pokemon, and they must not let it escape. They landed on the ground and decided to take that Pokemon, but it ran. That was a different Team Rocket that came on earth to steal the Pokemon. In the morning, Satoshi wakes up and realizes that he had terrible nightmares. Dr. Sakuragi told the boys about the reports from Sinnoh.

The entire city has trouble sleeping, and Satoshi wonders if the Pokemon is responsible for stealing the sleep. Sakuragi replies that it seems so and a nightmare in Sinnoh brings the Pitch-Black Pokem Darkrai in mind. Darkrai has the power to give humans and Pokemon ”nightmares.” Satoshi wonders what kind of Pokemon is Darkrai. Goh wonders if Satoshi has met with Darkrai. Satoshi reveals that he has battled Darkrai, and it is an awesome Pokemon. Pikachu confirms that Darkrai is an awesome Pokemon. Sakuragi told them that Darkrai usually stays on New Moon Island.

They wonder if there is another Pokemon behind the story of Darkrai. Satoshi suggests the investigation. The duo decides to head to Sinnoh and get with Kurahu coming back from school. Koharu realizes that the two are off for research. Sakuragi wonders why Koharu came early today; Koharu replies that it is the end-of-term ceremony and summer vacation advice. She told her father about the family vacation and decided to head home; Sakuragi’s workers told him about the egg data since Sakuragi is working.

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 74

In the morning, Koharu wakes up and finds that summer vacation got canceled. Sakuragi comments that the egg they are looking after at the institute is on the verge of hatching, and he has to keep an eye on it. Koharu wonders why Renji and Kikuna can’t look after the egg since she wants to go on a family vacation. Sakuragi tries to reason with her daughter and realize that nothing is working. Koharu gets angry that they will miss the family vacation.

Sakuragi’s wife decided to back up his husband and say that she got an urgent illustration job. Koharu reminds her parents that they promised her that they would do this, and now they are changing their minds. She told them she waited for so long for the first family vacation. Koharu asks Sota if he wants to go. Sota realizes that he is not a vacation guy and replies that he doesn’t care whether they go or not. Sota told Koharu that his friends had invited him to a summer camp and he wants to go with them.

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

Legendary Pokemon Coordinator

Koharu wonders if the three have come up with plans to avoid summer vacation. Sakura said Satoshi and Goh went to Sinnoh to do research, and Koharu can join them. Koharu feels like doing research is a waste of time since she has better things to do. Sakuragi tries to convince her that she will meet with new Pokemons. Koharu replies that her father thinks Pokemon make everything better. Sakuragi replies that it will be fun, and Koharu said she wants to enjoy a vacation with a family.

Later Koharu packs her bags and decided to go on a one-person vacation. Sakuragi worries that his daughter is leaving alone. Koharu wants to see if the trio will follow on a family vacation. Her mom gave her a traveling backpack and that she will go with Evee. They apologize for spoiling her holiday and told her to have fun. Later Koharu arrives at Sinnoh Region, and she forgets that Goh and Satoshi have come here for research. They two had fun traveling around and bumps with a boy who challenged them on a Pokemon battle.

Koharu runs away and wonders why she is receiving a challenge during summer vacation. They announced the Legendary Pokemon Coordinator, Ayako, and the Pokemon Contest soon in Hukutai City. Team Rocket gets a message from another Team Rocket to capture Darkrai and Cresselia. Goh and Satoshi head to the mountains to find Darkrai and Cresselia. Meanwhile, Koharu encounters Cresselia on her way the story continues.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 75 Release Date

Pokemon Episode 75 release date is  30 July 2021, at 6:55 PM JST.

Where To Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 75?

You can watch Pokemon 2019 online on Netflix; you can look at Preview & Recap: Pokemon 2019 Episode 74.

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