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Preview & Recap: Pokemon 2019 Episode 74

Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

The journey of two adventurers in Pokemon 2019 continues as the boys arrive in Galar Region. Pokemon 2019 has returned from break; let’s find more about the adventures of Goh and Satoshi. In the Galar region, the penguins relax and enjoy swimming while fishing in the sun. One of the penguins gets lost and appeared in the middle of the sea after taking a long nap. The episode title is ”Commander Pikachu Head Forth, Tairetsu.” In the morning, the Pokemons trains at Sakuragi Park, which is as lively as ever. Goh and Satoshi call the Pokemons to come and get their breakfast.

Director Sakuragi talked about Tairetsu, and Satoshi wonders what kind of Pokemon is Tairetsu. Goh opens the Index Data and discovers that Tairetsu is a Pokemon that always work together in a group of six. Satoshi comments that Tairetsu worked like Tamatama. Tairetsu has perfect teamwork, and they act like one Pokemon. Satoshi said he wants to see them, and Director Sakuragi told them to go to Galar Region. The boys headed there and met with a different monster ball. Goh tried to pick up the ball, but he finds a Pokemon that looks like a monster ball.

Satoshi wonders if the Pokemon is Maggyo and the Index Data confirms that Maggyo is a Galariasn Form trap Pokemon ground or steel type. Maggyo lures prey in with its conspicuous lips as it lies in wait in the mud and clamps down on them with its jagged steel fins. Goh captures that Maggyo as Pokemon number 681. The duo decided to continue with their journey thinking that they will encounter Tairetsu. A penguin Pokemon who got lost managed to reach the land and head to the stall selling ice cream.

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Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 73

The lady selling the ice cream touched the legs of the penguin and shouts while tossing it away. That penguin falls inside a moving truck that passed nearby. Goh and Satoshi saw six Pokemons working together and suspect that it is Tairetsu. Goh confirms it with Index Data and finds that they have found their target. Index Data reveals that Tairetsu is a Formation Pokemon fighting type. The leading one is the captain of the following five.

The five Tairetsu that followed their leader is the troopers. Goh takes their picture and realizes that the one in front is the leader. Tairetsu crew decided to head in the opposite direction, and Satoshi comments that they sync perfectly. They found that the Pokemons are having a battle on the other side. Tairetsu crew battles with a crab Pokemon while sticking to their formation. They defeated that guy who surrenders.

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

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Koorippo Penguin Pokemon Ice-type

Santoshi comments that Tairetsu is strong, and Goh got impressed by their teamwork. Meanwhile, a penguin Pokemon falls out of the truck and lands inside the river nearby where Goh and Satoshi travels. Sarunori messed up with Tairetsu and forced Pikachu to blast them with 1000 volts. After defeating them, Goh and Satoshi helped them with their formation, and Goh saw something floating inside the river. Satoshi managed to collect five and notice that the leader is missing.

They decided to look for the captain. The five Pokemons think that Pikachu is their captain and form a line behind him. They begin to copy everything that Pikachu is doing, and Satoshi tried to stop them. Pikachu realizes that they recognize him as a captain since he defeated their missing captain. Goh tried to talk with the captain to return to his crew. Goh teaches the captain to become a good leader before renting with his group. Aceburn showed the captain of Tairestsu how to lead the team.

They practice how to give orders, and Goh told the Pokemons not to give up. The training begins to go smoothly while Satoshi also trained with the other fives. Satoshi wonders what Goh must be doing. Later the two reunites, and the captain gets back to his crew. A mysterious Pokemon arrives, and they discovered that it is Koorippo Penguin Pokemon Ice-type that drifted in on the flow of ocean waters from a frigid place. Goh captured Tairetsu Six and helped Koorippo head home.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 74 Release Date and Preview

Pokemon Episode 74 release date is  23 July 2021, at 6:55 PM JST. You can watch Pokemon 2019 online on Netflix; you can also look at Spoilers & Preview: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 15.

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