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Spoilers & Preview: Pokemon 2019 Episode 70

Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

The journey of the boys who share different dreams and goals continues. Director Sakuragi is working on something at his office while Satoshi, Goh, and Kohgaru visited KuchibaCity’s Pokemon Center. The trio collects the supplements they required, and Satoshi notices that Sarunori is missing. Goh looks at his shoulder and finds that Sarunori has disappeared. The trio checks behind and finds Sarunori inside a Pokemon that has a pocket on her belly. Pikachu saved Sarunori and Evee from falling since they were fighting for who enters the Pokemon bag.

Satoshi, Goh, Koharu walks around City carrying the Pokemon. Koharu wonders why Sorunori keeps on making trouble everywhere they go. Satoshi comments that Sarunori likes to play everywhere they go. Goh adds that Sorunori and Evee like to play. Koharu defends her Evee and says Sorunori is childish. Goh fires back, saying that Sorunori is more mature than Evee, who copies everything she sees, and it’s called immature. Koharu comments that Evee behaves and shows respect when she is around.

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 69

Koharu and Goh continue with their argument, and Satoshi laughs at them trying to defend their Pokemon. Pikachu shouts, and when the trio looks around, they saw Evee and Sarunori jumping over the road. Goh and Koharu wonder how the two Pokemons jumped away from their shoulders. Evee and Sarunori manage to cross the road, and Goh got scared, thinking that a car might hit them. The trio crosses the street and manages to grab Evee and Sarunori.

Satoshi comments that they can’t call that behaving. Koharu replies that Evee is sweet, intelligent, and cute. Goh can’t believe that Koharu still compliments Evee after causing them trouble. Goh copied what Koharu said and embrace Sarunori while saying Sarunori is sweet, intelligent, and cute. Satoshi realizes that the two won’t stop with their compliment game and came up with an idea. Satoshi suggests that they can put Sarunori and Evee on a test to see better results.

Goh and Koharu accept the challenge, and Satoshi said Pikachu is also part of the challenge. Koharu challenge Goh that Evee will win and outsmart Sarunori. The Pokemon enters an Errand Contest to find which is the better Pokemon. Koharu put a letter on Evee’s neck and told Evee to send the letter to her dad. She realizes that Evee has to get the job done and earn her a point. Goh took out his Index Data and showed Sarunoru where they would begin with their race.

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

Errand Contest

The race is starting near the park and ends at the hill. Goh gives Sarunori orders and told Sarunori not to get sidetracks. Koharu comments that Evee can’t do this, and Evee nods her head. Sarunoroi also promises Goh that he won’t disappoint him. Satoshi announces Sarunori and Evee first Errand Contest. The duo started slowly, and their partners got worried about the low start. Satoshi told Goh and Koharu to look after their Pokemon as they complete their first task. Goh realizes that he has to cheer Sarunori for them to achieve their first mission.

Koharu told Goh that she would prove that Evee is the cutest and intelligent Pokemon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is up to something evil. Team Rocket shouts that they will battle with any Pokemon that will pop out. Musashi unleashes Apple Juice Pokemon Tarpple and decides to start with a training session. The black Index Data shows that Tarpple is Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon, and its body gets covered in sweet nectar. Team Rocket got excited that the Pokemon will work with their plans.

They also summon the Fresh Snow Pokemon Vanipetit and comments that it is a perfect reaction to a hot tasty apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. Sarunori and Evee continue with their contest, and they are both succeeding. Satoshi told Kamonegi to stop Pelipper, who interfered with their competition. Evee and Sarunori managed to complete their first Errand. Koharu and Goh celebrate that their Pokemon has done their first task, and they proved to be worthy of them.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 70 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 70 release date is 11 June 2021, at 6:55 PM JST. You can watch Pokemon 2019 online on Netflix.

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