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Spoilers & Preview: Pokemon 2019 Episode 67

Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

The journey of Satoshi, who aims to clash with Mr. Dande in the world championship, continues along with Goh, whose dream is to collect every Pokemon to make his way to Mew, the legendary Pokemon. In the morning, the Pokemons enjoy sunbathing at Sakuragi’s park flower field. Goh and Satoshi enjoy watering flowers while the Pokemons enjoy playing around. Goh spots the Flabebe racing and warns Satoshi. They evolved after pollinating the flower. Goh took his Index data to see what kind of Pokemon is Flabebe.

The Flabebe evolves to Floette, and its data got added to the Index. Floette is Single Bloom Pokemon, Fairy type. It flutters around the field of flowers and cares for flowers that are starting to wilt. Floette draws out the power of flowers to battle. Goh is glad that he has five colors of Floette in his collection. But he notices that the white Flabebe is missing. They searched for Flabebe and found that it was nearby but struggling to fly. Goh grabs the white Flabebe from falling and notices that one of the petals is missing.

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 66

Satoshi and Goh realize that the white Flabebe can’t fly because the petal is missing. They wonder what they have to do, and Goh suggests finding her a new flower. Goh told Flabebe not to worry, and they will help her fix her problems. They decide to set on a journey to Kalos in search of a new flower for Flabebe. The next day in the morning, Goh, Satoshi, and Flabebe arrive at Shala City, Kalos Region. They head to the mountains, and Goh reveals that this is the last place to spot the flower and catch them.

He asks Flabebe where her white flowers grow. Since she can’t fly, she uses one of Goh’s hair to lead them the way. Sarunori thinks it is a joke, and he jumps on top of Goh’s head and pulls his hair. They traveled deep into the forest and found that the flower is missing. But Goh is surprised that Flabebe’s flower grows on a huge rock.  They head back home with disappointment that a huge rock flatted the flowers. In the evening, they enjoy eating a meal with the Pokemons along with Flabebe.

Goh told Satoshi that they have to try looking somewhere. They try to cheer Flabebe to lighten her mood since she was sad about her flower. Later before they went to bed, Dr. Sakuragi communicates with them. He consoles them and helps them with clues to find a place that they can discover Flabebe’s flower. Goh asks him if he knows a place they can find flowers. Sakuragi replies that white Flabebe are rare, and their flowers are hard to find.

Satoshi and Goh’s Journey

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

He promised them that he would do some research and he will tell them when he finds anything.  After the communication is cut, Satoshi comments that they have to start looking for another place tomorrow. In the middle of the night, Flabebe had a nightmare looking for her flower. She wakes up Goh, and they head to look for her flower. They changed their mind and decided to go for a walk and decided to look for the flower in the morning.

The next day they head out, and Satoshi comments that they will look everywhere for Flabebe’s white flowers. They try different flowers and find that they don’t match Flabebe’s flower. Goh, Satoshi, Sarunori, and Pikachu searched for the flower until sundown by they find nothing. They decided to camp in the mountains since it was already late. Satoshi suggests they should go back to the institute and try coming up with ideas.

Goh replies that even though they don’t find a flower for Flabebe, he will take her and give her a new home. Satoshi comments that one day Flabebe might start to fly like a flower. Goh wakes up in the evening and finds that Flabebe is missing along with the broken flower inside the jar. They find Flabebe in the morning with Grass Field, who helps them find Flabebe’s flower. After getting her flower, Flabebe enjoys flying again.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 67 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 67 will release on Friday, 21 May 2021, at 6:55 PM JST. You can watch Pokemon 2019 online on Netflix.

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