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PnB Rock Net Worth: How Much is the Rapper Worth?

PnB Rock Net Worth

We all know PnB Rock, the popular rapper of America who is also a hip-hop artist from the state of Philadelphia which is in Pennsylvania. The most heartbreaking thing is that he lost his father when he was just a three years old kid to a criminal. After the death of his father, he moved to a filthy neighbor of Germantown which was quite inappropriate in every manner. Being passionate about songs and music he took the Gangsta Rappers such as Tupac Shakur and Biggie. But as fate may happen he was forced to bow down to the financial crisis of his family and left his schooling while he was a high school student. Apart from that, being raised in a filthy neighborhood his friend group consisted mostly of small and petty criminals. But soon enough he found out his passion and started pursuing his passion that is music.

He released his first debut mixtape in the month of  June in 2014 titled Real N*gga Bangaz. Being the first mixtape it got not much but moderate success and quite some praises and appreciations from the audience. With the success of his first mixtape, he earned the offer of getting signed by the popular recording group named Atlantic Records. Being a part of such a great recording company, he released songs that earned major success.

With this not only did he become more skillful and but also received sky-high success. Not only that but he also received a crowd from the local areas who loved his music. After a couple of years that is in 2016, he released his popular single named Selfish. The single, Selfish was not only a song but became the bridge of him coming to the limelight of the music industry. Apart from that, the song made its way to the list of the US Billboard Hot 100. He was also chosen to be on the list of the 10 New Artist You Need to Know. The list was published by the popular Rolling Stone magazine. The journey of his success continued furthermore, after the release of the track of the popular movie named Fate of the Furious which he sang with the popular singer named Wiz Khalifa.

Childhood and education

PnB Rock Net Worth

PnB Rock now and PnB Rock then

Born on the 9th of December in the year 1991, in the city of Germantown neighborhood which is located in Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania was Rakim Hasheem Allen, or as we may know him PnB Rock. He was born in a family of four siblings. But since they were not much stable economically, it was getting harder and harder for his family to manage four children. Not only that but they were unable to get a normal lifestyle. In order to make a living, his father was forced to join a group that was related to many activities which were not legal. But due to some of the internal reasons of the group a gang fight took place, where Rock’s father was killed. After the death of the sole earner of the family that is Rock’s father, all the responsibility of the children came to his mother. Being unable to make a proper living, he along with his family of four siblings and his mother, often had to go to the homeless shelter. Due to this, Rock spent most of his childhood in the shelter itself.

After some time, Rock got enrolled in a local school. Not only was he a bright student academically but was one of the popular kids in his school as well. He got many followers during his school life. But, with being popular he failed to manage his studies and scored low grades as well. During that time, the family of Rock was taken care of by his uncle. But as fate may happen, like his father, his uncle got kills also got killed in a gang war. The death of his uncle shattered Rock and turned his whole life. Being depressed he followed the path of crime where he used to be friends with petty and small criminals and also used to do drug peddling. With time, the margin of his crime kept going up. The time when he turned 19, he was charged for the cases of robberies as well as for selling drugs. Being accused of that he was sent to jail for a period of three years

He discovered his passion for singing when he was in prison. He wrote his first song in the prison as well, which was inspired by the stories of struggles in his life. Being in the prison he started thinking about his life and decided to give everything a new start after getting out of the prison. After a period of three years that he when he was somewhere around 21, or so he started to follow his passion. He started uploading videos under the popular hashtag that is #tbh. With being a singer on the social media platform, he got quite a lot of followers and fame which further motivated him to create his own art of music.


PnB Rock Net Worth

Poster of PnB Rock’s popular album named Catch These Vibes

Being passionate about music, it is not much tough for one to find some other one with the same interest. With this, he found one of his friends who was his neighbor as well. They both collaborated and made a track named  Weekend Baby. With this Rock started his career which was in the wake of 2014. The main focus of the song was driven more to the chaotic sound and less on the vocals and melody of the song. But being the first song, it earned a lot f of appreciation and praises. It also made to the top clubs which further made Rock more and more confident about his skills in the field of music.

Following the success that he received locally, Rock started taking his career in music more and more further. With that, he started working on his first mixtape, which was based on the song lyrics and the poems that he wrote at the time of his imprisonment which was for three years. The name of the mixtape was Real Ngga Bangaz. The mixtape was released in the month of June 2014. A song with the struggle of someone won the heart of the audience as well as it received an awesome response. The success of his debut mixtape led him to get more and more offers and opportunities from many major music companies. With this, he was signed by the major recording as well as music company named Atlantic Records. After some time, he released his third mixtape which was the first one with the Atlantic Records named RnB 3. The tape was released in the very next year of his release of the first mixtape, that is in 2015. Having some back to back release of his hit mixtapes, he made a position in the list from where he got inspired that is in the Gangsta Rap

His skills improved more and more and he learned the art of blending music. He made his authentic blend of two songs that is R&B and rap music. With the success of the blending track, he became more and more popular. Not only that but he was also regarded as one of the most popular artists who never followed any particular pattern. Apart from being different, his music was also loved and respected by everyone.

After a couple of years that is in 2016, in the month of June he released his debut single named Selfish. Not only did the song was loved by everyone but it also made its way to the list named US Billboard Hot 100. The song acquired the 51st position on the list. Not only does the success of his debut single stop but continues. With his debut single he earned nationwide fame. Other than that he also earned his position in the list of the ‘10 New Artist You Need to Know list. The list was published by a popular magazine named Rolling Stone.

After some time, he made a collaboration with the popular singer named Fetty Wap. Together they published another of his mixtape named Money, Hoes & Flows. Not only that but he also collaborated with some other popular musicians named Kodak Black as well as with Kevin Hart. After some time, in 2017, he worked on another of his albums. The album is titled GTTM: Going Thru The Motions. The album was released by the popular production named Empire Distribution and Atlantic Records. Though few days after the release it was regarded as the first proper album of Rock, later the critics stated that it was rather a mixtape and not an album. Apart from that, the album made its way to the list named Billboard 200. In that list, the album earned the 28th position. Not only did it earned ranks but it resulted in a huge commercial hit as well. In the first week itself, more than 1,00,000copies were sold.

After some time, he made some popular songs which was a combination of popular R&B music which consisted of mainly deep and heartfelt love stories. Having released back-to-back hit songs, he earned a huge fan following. Other than that, he was signed by the popular producers in order to release a new soundtrack for their popular movie Fate of the Furious. Not only does the list of his success stops but continues. He earned an opportunity to work with some more popular singers named 2 Chainz, Young Thug as well as with Wiz Khalifa. Together they created a song named Gang Up.

Later he signed a collaboration contract with the A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Kodak Black. Together they created one of Rock’s popular single named Horses. Having such great songs, he was counted under the list of the annual Freshman Class. The list was released in 2017, by the popular XXL. Gradually with time, his skills improved. By the end of 2017, that is in the month of September, he released his proper debut album named Catch These Vibes. Since it was his first proper album, he released the title of the album as well as the cover couple of months before the album was released, via his Twitter handle. Talking about his album, the album consisted of a total of 18tracks. Other than that, he collaborated with many popular artists in order to make some songs that are included in his album.

Net Worth

PnB Rock Net Worth

PnB Rock Net Worth

The popular rapper of America who is also a singer and songwriter named PnB Rock. Not only that but he is also regarded to be one of the most successful and prominent artists in the field of music. With all this, PnB Rock holds a net worth which is somewhere estimated to be $3million.

Personal life

PnB Rock with his daughter Milan

The popular rapper of America who is also a singer and songwriter that is PnB Rock had a past that has a lot of difficulties to tackle with. But we have always seen, that he is uncomfortable talking about it. Rather with his songs, we can understand he is trying to say the natural things that happened to him in the past. When asked once, what would he like to change about his past, he said he won’t like to change anything and he further said that he is in the position of being regarded as one of the most successful and prominent artists in the field of music, just because of his past.

Other than that he also had a brother who was differently-abled, that is he was autistic. He died a few years ago in a gang fight. With the love of his brother, he donates some part of his income to the research of autism and for other social causes as well. Though not much is know about his relationship, there is a rumor that he started his dating life when he was a teenaged boy of 15. But the relationship ended during the time when he went to prison in 2009. With his lyrics, we can figure out that he never had any other relationship. After some time he had some on and off the relationship. Having some relationship, he now has a daughter named Milan who was born in the month of October in 2013.

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