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Plunderer Season 2: When is it Coming? Production Updates

Plunderer, the new anime saga that started in 2020, is waiting to announce Plunderer Season 2 release date update. The series created a solid fan base in just one season, and now fans are excited to know when the second season of Plunderer will release. The first season of Plunderer was concluded in June 2020. And ever since, fans have been looking forward to the second season to release. Plunderer manga was initially published in January 2020. Plunderer season one left some loose ends, which are expected to be tied in Plunderer season two. However, due to COVID19, the production of season two was interrupted, and now fans have no idea when to expect the second season of their favorite series.

Plunderer talks about a set in a post-apocalyptic world controlled by numbers. Every human being has their worth covered by a special “Count” imprinted around on their bodies, representing any number related to an essential feature of their lives. However, if this Count went down to zero, the person will be transported down into “the abyss” and is said to be dead for all infinity. For young Hina, her Count communicates to how many hundreds of kilometers she has walked.

Plunderer Season 2 Release Date Update

Ever since her mother was pulled into the abyss, she has been seeking the Legendary Ace from her mother’s last choice for the last five years. Hina’s exhausting journey takes a sudden turn when she meets an unfamiliar masked knight known as Licht Bach with a negative-numbered Count.

Plunderer Season 2 Release Date Update

So now fans are becoming impatient and curious to know when is Plunderer season 2 is coming out. Initially, the season was planning to release in January 2021. But due to COVID 19, the production of the series was delayed. It is expected that the series would release during August or September. But it’s already mid-August, and there is no news on the release date of the series. It is also said that the production of the series hasn’t started yet, and the series will release next year.

But the Manga of Plunderer Season 2 is out already. It seems like fans have to wait a little longer to see their favorite character. The rating of season one was absolutely amazing. So production is motivated to renew the season and work on it as soon as possible. But it is said that there is no news on the water the production has started or not. It is expected that the production will update the fans about the production process super soon. Or the production is trying to surprise their fans by working on the series secretively, and they will drop the series as an atom bomb on their fans. But it’s a long shot. S0, let’s see what happens. Till then, stay tuned.

Recap To Plunderer Season 1

Licht wakes in the gravity well, and some masks of the Aces criticize Licht’s activities and advise him to give up and die. Licht understands he was the opposite to kill so his classmates wouldn’t have to and decide to die. Hina shouts for Licht to come back, and Licht retains his promise. He ends the masks and splits the gravity well, enabling him to escape and knock a disbelieving Doan’s memory. Doan recovers Hina’s ballot, then leaves. Lynn wakes and accepts Licht rejected her. Murdoch reminds Nana he agreed to play with her when he turned to the future. Pele confronts Licht in secret, asking how Licht knew Pele could perform a lifesaving operation on Lynn.

Licht reveals he has known Pele for a long time personally a member of the SSU but decided he wasn’t a threat due to his feelings for Lynn. Lynn’s villager friends try to have Pele admit his feelings for Lynn, but he rather returns to bickering with her over a meal. Hina strips a backwards and scandalised Licht naked, showing her mother had a sense of humour envelope sex education. Her seduction is prevented by Murdoch, to Licht’s relief, to consider their next move. Licht decides to collect all seven ballots, not to slaughter Alicia but to find a way for humanity to bear without Althing. Schulman begins preparing to take over the capital city, and several unseen figures suggest Licht’s classmates are still alive.

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