PlayStation 5 Confirmed By Sony: When Is It Coming?

The talk about a PlayStation 4 successor has been up for years now. Sony is not in a rush to release another console because the PlayStation 4 is still hitting the roof when it comes to sales. However, things might change soon as Sony starts to think about a PlayStation 4. During his talk with Financial Times, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida talked about next-generation hardware, though this talk doesn’t seem to be a PS5 update.

Sony’s Next-Generation Hardware Might Still Be Grounded to PS4

“At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have next-generation hardware,” said Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida earlier this week, addressing the need of a new generation home console that will succeed the PlayStation 4. It’s been six years already since PS4 succeeded the PS3, so it is not really surprising for Sony to make a move for a new console even though PS4 is still doing great. However, unlike Microsoft, who are making the world know about its Xbox “Scarlet” console early, Sony is yet to bring a major update for a PS4 successor.

As per BGR, Sony is in no rush to have the PS4 successor ready, but they acknowledge that it is time for a new console. The PS4 successor, dubbed by many as PS5, is said to have the same fundamental architecture as the PS4 so we might not see not PS4’s influence go away in the next-gen consoles. We might see an improvement in performance and more features in games, but it is expected that the experience will not be so far from the PS4.

John Kodera announced that Sony would use the next three years to prepare for the next generation. We can expect that in 2021, we can get another PS5 update or better, the PS5 release date. Now that Sony started to consider their next-generation console, the only thing we can do now is to wait for more updates. But because of this confirmation, it is expected that our wait will not be for naught.

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