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When To Expect Pinocchio Season 2?

Pinocchio season 2
Pinocchio season 2 updates

Pinocchio season 2 is a question asked often. The hit South Korean drama Pinnochio was completed in 2015, and to date, we as viewers couldn’t forget the show. The apt presentation, music, acting, and the story was soo good that we can’t forget it even if we want to. The super-hit Korean series has been approached for Pinocchio season 2 many times. It was aired in different countries worldwide, including the US, where it aired on KBFD.

The 2014-2015 Korean television series Pinnochio was successful in capturing our hearts. The magic chemistry that Park Shin Hye and Lee Joong Suk portrayed on screen was mesmerizing. Earlier it was a bit tough to get a hold of the drama, but here’s a piece of good news for you. The drama is now available on many streaming sites like Viki and Netflix.


Pinocchio k-drama

So, if you clearly miss the drama and your favorite actors in it, you can definitely watch it anytime now. On the completion of the drama, the broadcasting rights were sold in China at the highest amount. Per episode of the drama was shared at a whooping price of $280000. It was the most expensive Korean drama ever to be sold at such a high rate. However, it seems like the Chinese agencies did the right thing in buying the drama broadcasting rights. Since they further got a huge fan base for the show in their country, with 1 billion viewers watching the drama. Not to mention the drama also won several awards and nominations. The whole team was appreciated greatly for their excellent story and acting. The series no doubt had a good storyline with a unique touch that successfully captivated our hearts.

Pinocchio Season 2: Plot Analysis


Pinocchio k-drama lead actors

The overall story of season 1 dealt with the four main characters, Choi Dai Po, Choi In Ha, Seo Beom Jo, and Yoon Yoo Rae. Choi Dai Po grows in a family with his mother, firefighter, father, and brother. One day his father dies, saving lives from fire. After all the sacrifices his father made, he was accused of actually breaking the accident that happened. Their family got disrupted, and Choi Dai Po and his mother decided to commit suicide. While his brother decided to took revenge.

But luckily, Choi Dai Po was saved by a family. There he grew up as Choi In Ha’s uncle. The two went to the same school and gradually fell in love with each other. One day Choi Dai Po decided to reveal his real identity of being Ki Ha Myung, the avenge of his father’s death. The story of love, friendship, journalism, and media is represented well in the story. The main theme of how reporters should be apt and true is essential since they can make and destroy one’s life.

Pinocchio Season 2 may deal with the continuation of season 1. It might even take on a brand new plot. But keeping into consideration the popularity of season 1, if the makers make season 2, it can deal with the life after Choi Dai Po and Choi In Ha’s marriage. With new politics involved in media and brand new cases. After Seo Beom Joo again joins in as a reporter, what new loopholes does he finds in the system? We genuinely hope for a second season to be made very soon with the same cast in it.

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A Quick Recap of the Previous Season


A still from Pinocchio

It is a story about four persons struggling to make their life as successful journalists. Choi Dai Po, Choi In Ha, Seo Beom Jo, and Yoon Yoo Rae go after searching for new clues about new incidents to make the news true and full of justice. Choi Dai Po wants to serve justice by being a reporter whilst, Choi In Ha wants to follow her mother’s footsteps.

In Episode 1, we see Ki Ha Myung’s happy family is shattered with the incident and the sudden death of his father. The family is falsely accused of the father being corrupt and how the media defames his innocent father. After getting a new life, he changes his identity to Choi Dai Po. He lives there as Choi In Ha’s uncle, attending the same school. He acts dumb in school and participates in a quiz competition.

In Episode 2, we see his classmates accusing him of cheating in the exam by unfair means after getting perfect in an exam. He participates in the quiz exam to prove himself. While returning home, he meets a minute accident. Choi In Ha is a Pinnochio, meaning she gets hiccups when she lies. Towards the end of the episode, we see a romantic mood between the two soaking in the rain.

In Episode 3, we see Choi In Ha struggling to become a reporter. By working immensely hard, she finally gets in the interview round at MSC, where her mother works. Things don’t go as she plans, and all this while she gets to know that the one she has been texting all her life wasn’t her mother. She calls and yells at the numbers in anger. Choi Dai Po thinks that Choi In Ha might do something wrong and rushes to the terracE. Where he finds everything at ease, and the two decide to become reporters together.

In Episode 4, we see Choi Di Po’s father takes him for a look change; he turns out to dashing. He and In Ha both apply for YGN. They both go in for the interview round, where they meet Seo Beom Jo. Choi Dai Po goes harsh on In Ha at the group discussion round. And gets selected in YGN.

In Episode 5, we see Choi Dai Po surviving his office life while Choi In Ha hiccuping and soon after meets her mother. She debuts on the television along with her mother. We also get a glimpse of Ki Jae Myung seeking revenge.

In Episode 6, we see the reports serving through the worst conditions in the districts that they were assigned. They prepare themselves for the worst and tries to seek out every bit of information they can from the officers.

In Episode 7, we see Dal-Po and Yun Yu feeling certain that they gave the required information. Until In Ha comes in and finds the real reason behind the case. Choi In Ha falls sick and is escorted to the hospital by Dal Po. Meanwhile, Choi Dai Po finds traces of his brother.

In Episode 8, we see the first kiss between the couple after sorting out their misunderstandings. The sweet romance between the two blooms while new news and accidents keep coming. Choi In Ha goes for a reporting where they witness Ki Jae Myung saving a child’s life.


Pinocchio K-Drama

In Episode 9, we get to see Ki Jae Myung rising into popularity. At the same time, Choi In Ha gets to know an ugly truth about her mother. She feels sorry for Dal Po and apologizes to him on her mother’s behalf.

In Episode 10, we see Choi In Ha questioning her mother at the lecture about the Ki-Ho-Sang case from 13 years ago. Seeing her mother no repenting a bit, she feels vulnerable. Ki Jae Myung gets to know the real identity of Choi Dal Po that he is his lost brother KI Ha Myung.

In Episode 11, we see Dal-Po reveals his story to Jae-Myeong as his brother and gets to know certain facts about his brother in return. A guilt-struck In Ha drinks too much alcohol and is brought back home by Dal Po. Choi In Ha lets go of Dal Po and asks him to do everything he wishes for the justice of his family. She suggests he now properly go against her mother and not hold back, bidding a final goodbye from their relationship with a motion kiss.

In Episode 12, we see Choi Dal Po makes up his mind to now live as Ki Ha Myung. After sorting things out, he goes to meet his brother in jail. He further asks  In Ha not to bother about him anymore.

In Episode 13, we see In Ha working hard on the department store story. A guilt-struck Choi Dal Po drinks too much and returns to his old place drunk. New leads about Park Ro Sa begin to unveil.

In Episode 14, we see Choi Gong Pil goes to meet Ki Jae Myung in prison and shows him some sweet memories of his brother’s past. Further, In-ha takes Beom-jo’s side on the department store story, and new links on the case disclose.

In Episode 15, we see Ahn Chan Soo being framed in the case, and Ha-Myeong vows to protect his friend. Some evidence is found from the black box of a car. Not knowing this, In Ha exerts out herself and runs errands on an injured leg. Finally, the evidence help saving Chan Soo.


A Still from K-Drama Pinocchio

In Episode 16, we see the couple reuniting with a kiss. They both went to his house to apply bandages when their parents suddenly came in in hA ha to hide in a wardrobe and eventually ended up sleeping the night there. The next morning the couple spends quality time together enjoying their breakfast.

In Episode 17, Choi In Ha and Seo Beom Joo gets access to the old texts on the phone. They both are utterly shocked by the involvement of his mother with the case. Song Cha Ok, keep getting more and more involved in the cases.

In Episode 18, we see Choi Dal Po getting hurt and comes back to live with In Ha since his hand gets badly injured. Choi In Ha helps him shave, and we get to see some more romance between the two. Dal Po confronts Song Cha Ok and tells her he won’t go easy on her anymore.

In Episode 19, we see Beom-jo tell a shocking statement to the police for covering his mother. The ugly incidents about Park Ro Sa are all revealed. Further, Ahn Chan Soo invites everyone to his son’s birthday party. A fun and light evening passes by with everyone’s smiling faces enjoying together.

In Episode 20, we get to see the conclusion of the story. Episode 20 is the last episode of the drama. Park Ro-Sa goes to jail by confessing her crimes and stating that her son took all the blame on her behalf to save her. A few years later, Choi Dai Po and Choi In Ha are seniors; they continue with their relationship well. Seo Beom Joo comes to the field again by starting again from the very first. We also get to see Choi Dai Po and Choi In Ha trying on their wedding outfits, and with a sweet kiss, the drama ends.

Pinocchio Season 2 Release Date


K-Drama Pinocchio

To date, the actual confirmation of Pinocchio season 2 hasn’t come from the makers yet. The original season of the show aired on 12th November 2014 and went off the air on 15th January 2015. The drama was a huge hit not only in youth Korea but in several other countries as well. With each episode of approximately 1 hr, the drama aired every Wednesday and Thursday on the original network SBS. Many requests from fans worldwide have already been sent to the production team. To date, many viewers who see the drama for the first time hope for a second season. The renewal of the series hasn’t been finalized yet. Any updates on the Pinocchio season 2 will be shared as a priority for sure.

The Cast

The direction of the show has been done under Jo Soo-Won, with the screenwriting under Park Hye Ryun. The child producer of the show was Choi Moon Seok. In the main lead, Lee Jong Suk was cast for the role of Choi Dal Po. Park Shin Hye has been cast for the role of Choi In Ha.  Kim Young Kwang has been cast as Seo Beom Jo, Lee Yoo Bi as Yoon Yoo Rae, and Jin Kyung as Song Cha Ok. Several other actors and actresses were a part of the show as support actors and in guest roles. Many actors who played a side role in the drama got huge recognition in the future and became successful. Famous actors like Yoon Kyung Sang were also a part of the show.

Where to Watch Pinocchio

Pinocchio was originally released in the SBS network. The drama is currently streaming on many sites like Viki, Netflix, SBS World, Apple tv, and Kocowa. The drama was immensely famous and is available with more than sixty subtitles on the streaming site Viki. It is also streaming on the international and global platform Netflix. The drama is also popularly known as Pinokio, and the genres of the drama include comedy, romance, melodrama, mystery, and thriller.

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