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Pierce Brosnan Net Worth: How Rich is Veteran Television Actor?

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth

We all love detective movies, especially the character of the detective. And how can we forget the awesome detective Jame Bond? We all know the notable star who portrayed the role of the lead character James Bond. He is none other than but Pierce Brosnan. Being such a great star, he ventured out many career fields, especially the field of making movies. His passion for acting grew when he was just a teenager. In order to pursue his career in acting, he got enrolled in an esteemed center for drama named The Drama Centre.

Like any other star, he also started his journey from being a theatre artist. He made his debut on the stage by playing a major role in the play titled The Red Devil Battery Sign. With his role, not only did he impressed the audience but also caught the eyes of the critics. Soon enough he stepped into the world of television. Stepping into the world of television he earned the role of one of the lead characters in the popular mini-series of television titled Manions Of America.

Following the successful mini-series, he played the role of one of the most popular and lead characters in the hit detective series named Remington Steele. Other than that he also played the role of many supporting roles in several Hollywood movies. With this, he continued to earn more and more roles in several hit movies, which further made his way to enter into the world of Big Screen of the industry.

Not only did his great acting skills but also his charming and handsome look made his way quite easier to earn major roles. Soon enough he earned the role of the lead characters in the popular detective series. He played the role of the famous agent who by profession is a detective named James Bond. He made his appearance in the episode named GoldenEye. Being impressed with his role he was again invited to redo the role in not one but three more movies of the same line. Following the success of the character of James Bond, his popularity shot to sky heights. Other than that he came to the mainstream of the industry by earning roles in more and more movies.

Childhood and Education

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth

Pierce Brosnan as a child and now

Born on the 16th of May in 1953 in the beautiful place of Ireland was the child who grew up to be the popular star named Pierce Brendan Brosnan. He was born in a family of blue-collar workers where his father named Thomas was by profession a carpenter and his mother named Mary May Smith was by profession was a homemaker. But as fate may happen his father left the family during the time when Pierce was a baby. Not only that but his mother wanted to be a nurse. In order to do, she left for the training which was taking place in London. After his mother left him for the training he stayed back with his grandparents. But due to old age, his grandparents left the world. Due to that, he stayed with his relatives until his mother got back. After years of staying here and there with a relative, he reunited with his mother when he was 11 years old.

Following that his mother got married to another person named William Carmichael. Being married to him, Pierce along with his stepdad and his mother moved to London. Moving there he was enrolled in the esteemed school named Eliot School. Completing his school he was enrolled in a popular school to pursue his degree in arts named Saint Martin’s School of Art. Gradually with time, his passion for acting grew. Soon enough he joined the popular drama school named the Drama Centre London. He completed his degree in acting in 1975.


Pierce Brosnan Net Worth

Pierce Brosnan in the role of James Bond

Being passionate about acting, he started taking small steps in the initial days of his journey. In the initial days, he worked as an assistant of the stage manager in the popular theatrical company named York Theatre Royal in 1975. Soon enough he earned his first role as the to portray on the stage. The popular play writer named Tennessee Williams chose him for the iconic role of McCabe in the renowned play named The Real Devil Battery Sign. He pulled out the role with much grace and earned praises and appreciation for that as well. Gradually with time, he earned more and more roles. Not only major or lead but he also played the role of many cameo characters in different television movies of the 1970s and the early 1980s.

With this, his career went on and remained on the positive side of the graph. Being impressed with his role in the blockbuster movie of 2008, titled Mamma Mia, he was invited to redo the role of the lead character named Sam Carmichael in the second installation of the movie. The part was premiered in 2018. He portrayed his role with the star cast consisting of great actors and actresses namely Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgard. The movie was under the genre of romantic comedy. The second installation was titled, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Following the success of the movie, in 2019, he was offered the role of one of the main characters of the movie named False Positive. After a few months of that very year of 2019, he was offered the role of another lead character in the movie named The Misfits.

Net worth and Earnings

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth

Being such a great star of not only the small screen but also on the big screen is none other than but Pierce Brosnan. Being such a great star, he earns a huge fortune in a month. With this, talking about some of his estates can be mention. Recently that is a couple of years back, he bought a house in the area of Santa Monica which is in California. He spent a fortune of $2.4 million. He bought the house in the month of September 2019. Apart from his house, he also has a collection of luxurious cars. He owns some of the magnificent and best cars in the world. Specifically of the companies named BMW, Porsche, Aston Martin as well as Maserati. Being such a great actor with having a huge income, he donates a part of his income to charity. With all this Pierce Brosnan, holds a net worth which is somewhere around $200million.

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