Piccolo Can Save Everyone From Universe 6

Hey guys. The Tournament of Power is moving towards its critical last stages and things are looking more serious than ever. In the most recent episode, there was the elimination of Ribrianne from Universe 2 and to be honest it was the best elimination in the arc. Best? Why? Obviously not because of her lame powers, but because of her annoying personality. In the preview of the next episode, Dragon Ball Super teased the fans with the something very exciting.

The title of the next episode hinted towards the elimination of not one but two universes. It means with the end of the two teams millions of people are gonna lose their lives. It looks like that Universe 2 and Universe 6 are the more likely of the two to get eliminated. However, according to a new theory, Piccolo could save Champa’s team.
In the last few episodes, we know that Dragon Ball Super has been concentrating on the whole fusion thing. As you might know that even Kefla was the result of the fusion of Caulifla and Kale.

Fusions were made legal after the two girls from Universe 6 fused together into a powerful warrior called Kefla, who wreaked havoc in the Tournament until she was finally eliminated by Son Gokū. Now after Kefla it looks that Piccolo will be the one to test out the technique. Let me remind you that Piccolo isn’t the only Namekian warrior in the Tournament. Saoneru and Pirina are two Namekians and the last two fighting who are fighting for Universe 6. In the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super, it looks that the duo will be defeated by Universe 7.

If Universe 6 finds itself with no other option, its Namekians may just fuse with Piccolo to protect themselves. It has been confirmed by the Angels that if two fighters do fuse, it puts their Universe at a risk of losing two fighters at the same time. If the Namekians do fuse it would be an extreme resort.

Their fusion is going to be a permanent one so the Universe 6 fighters would have to give up their autonomy to save their universe. However, by fusing it is possible that Universe 6 might be saved from getting wiped out. But if Piccolo gets eliminated, then there’s no hope for Universe 6. So, Piccolo is probably the last ray of hope for Champa’s Universe 6.
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Dragon Ball Super Dropped A Big Hint On The Next Elimination

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is moving at a steady pace towards the end of the Tournament of Power. After the recent episode, Dragon Ball Super fans are more than just excited to see which would be the next universe to be exterminated. So far, in the series, Universe 9 and 10 have kicked the bucket.

Now, it seems that a couple of other universes will be going to be eliminated. As I have already said, Dragon Ball Super released its 117th episode this week we saw Android 17 and 18 in action. The duo halted Universe 2’s ambush on Gokū. Now, as we know that only a handful fighters remain from Universe 2.

Now, the remaining members of Universe 2 will probably try to defend their universe, and will probably fail at doing so. The preview of the next episode showed the title of the next episode and it “Accelerated Tragedy; Vanishing Universes…”
This is what a Twitter user had to say—
Looking at just the Japanese, it can be Universe and Universes (plural) both. TOEI has the context of the next episode, so if they say Universes, it is Universes.— Ken Xyro (@KenXyro)

If you are a die-hard Dragon Ball fan, you might’ve known the title of the episode already. Weekly Shonen Jump revealed the name of episode 118 a while back…
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