Picard Season 3 DVD Release Date Set For Fall 2023

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Picard Season 3
Star Trek: Picard Season 3- [Credits- Paramount+]

Star Trek fans are thrilled to know when the DVD of their favorite TV show will be available for the viewers to watch and rent. Having a DVD of your favorite show is something who doesn’t want as you would not need to buy a streaming platform subscription. Just pay for a DVD one time and keep watching the show whenever you want.

The Science fiction is created by the duo Akiva Goldsman and Michael Chabon and is a part of the popular Star Trek franchise. Star Trek Picard follows Jean-Luc Picard 20 years after his last appearance in Star Trek: Nemesis and the effect Data’s death had on him. The film is produced by Eugene Roddenberry and Trevor Roth under Secret Hideout in partnership with Roddenberry Entertainment. The episodes of the series have a run time of 39-62 minutes, and CBS distributed the series.

The series received a critical response from the viewers, with some loving the series and some not so much. The viewers felt the story of the series was slow, but it tackles timely themes beautifully.

Poster Of Picard
A Poster Of Picard Season 3 [Credits- Paramount+]
The franchise already had a massive fan base before the launch of the series, and that helped it gain viewership. The series won the Prime Time Emmy Awards in 2020. The series had a budget of $8-9 M, and it paid off with the high views the series gained. The fan’s wait for the release of the series’s DVD version will be over in a few days. The filming of the series began in 2018 at Santa Clarita Studios in California.

The series first premiered on January 23, 2020, with its first Season. The third Season of the series premiered on February 16, 2023, and wrapped up with the last episode premiering on April 20, 2023. The series is loved by the franchise fans, and the third season did well because of that. The visual effects of the series were pleasing to the eyes of the audience. Patrick Stewart’s performance as Jean-Luc Picard was loved and appreciated by the viewers.

Star Trek Picard: Cast

The cast of the series includes- 

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Patrick Stewart portrayed the role of Jean-Luc Picar, former USS commander of USS Enterprise. Picard retired from Starfleet after they chose not to help in aiding the planet Romulans when it was getting destroyed.

Alison Pill portrayed Anges Jurati, a former Starfleet doctor who joined Picard. She later becomes the new Borg Queen. Isa Briones portrays Dahj and Soji, android twin daughters of Data, who have organic bodies. Harry Treadway portrays Narek, a Romulan agent sent on a mission to seduce and spy on Soji Asha.

Michelle Hurd portrays Rafella, a former first officer of Starfleet who struggles with substance abuse. Santiago Cabrera portrays Cristobal, a former pilot of La Sirena. He is also a former member of Starfleet. Evan Evagora portrays Elnor, a Romulan refugee abandoned by Picard as a boy, in a sect of all-female warrior nuns.

Jeri Ryan portrays Seven of Nine, a former drone of Brog and crew member of the USS Voyager. Orla Brady portrays Laris, Picard’s housekeeper, who has feelings for him. Brent Spiner portrays Data, the former android office of Picard. Ed Speleers portrays Jack Crusher, son of Jean and Beverly Crusher.

Star Trek Picard Season 3- Premise

The third Season focuses on the rise of a new enemy who begins hunting Picard’s former commander crew of the USS Enterprise. The Season witnessed Jean reuniting with his old and new allies for one final mission. The Season begins with Beverly Crusher and her son Jack being attacked aboard the SS Eleos. Beverly gets injured and sends an emergency message to her former love interest and Jack’s father, Jean.

Jean is retired and is planning a vacation with Laris, his current love interest, when he receives Beverly’s message. Laris encourages Jean to go and help Beverly. In her message, Beverly asked Jean not to inform the Starfleet members. Picard goes to his former first officer Riker to request help. Once Jean reaches Beverly, he finds her in a state of stasis and meets Jack as a large ship appears. Picard stops the large ship, the Shrike, before it transports Jack off from Eleos.

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Beverly is transported to Titan’s medical bay while Picard and Riker are brought to the bridge. Shaw gets Jack arrested in an attempt to save the crew despite protests from Riker and Picard. Jack runs off from the custody and tries to transport himself to the Shrike. Jean realizes Jack is his son with Beverly from when they were together for a while. Sneed tries to kill Beverly but ends up getting killed by Worf.

Titan is attacked by The Shrike, injuring Shaw, who then transfers the commands to Riker. Vadic is ordered by her superiors to pursue Titan at all costs. The Shrike is damaged by the Titan as they are on their way out of the nebula.

Picard realizes he met Jack briefly and dismisses his attempts at forming a connection. Jack has a vision of killing the crew, and Riker returns to the command of Titan to Shaw, who then contacts Starfleet.

Picard Season 3
A Still From Picard Season 3 [Credits- Paramount+]
Wolf and Raffi find the Vulcan criminal Krinn as they continue to investigate the attack. Ro and Picard reconcile, and she gives Picard her Bajoran earring. The series ends with Picard and the Enterprise crew finding a Borg Cube hiding in JUpiter’s clouds. Picard, Shaw, and Riker escape from the Cube before it explodes. Seven is promoted to be the Captain of Titan in Shaw’s instance.

Star Trek Picard DVD- Release Date

As the series has just ended, the release date for the DVD of Picard’s Season 3 is set for 3 October 2023. The show follows a unique format. Each year, after the end of the season, the DVD is released on the first Tuesday of October month.

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