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Peter Garrett Net Worth: How Much is The Singer Worth Now?

Peter Garrett Net Worth

The lead singer of the Australian rock band Midnight Oil found his roots back by becoming an environmentalist. What is Patter Garrett net worth? He has served as the Minister of the Environment and Heritage of Arts. In 1973, Peter became the lead vocalist for the rock band Midnight Oil after replying to an advertisement placed by one of Rob Hirst’s founding members. The band was completely identified with environmental and Aboriginal rights conditions in tandem with their musical and marketing success. They were especially critical of the soldiery and foreign policy of the United States throughout the 1980s.

On and off stage, Midnight Oil frequently made political comments. At the closing function of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, the group played before then-Prime Minister John Howard and a television interview of hundreds of millions, wearing black outfits and saying “sorry”. This transferred to the Howard Government’s unwillingness to apologize to Aboriginal Australians for the previous policy of separating Aboriginal children from their families.  During his time with Midnight Oil, Garrett completed two terms as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation. He was also asked to join the global board of Greenpeace in 1993 for a two-year term.

Peter Garrett Net Worth

Peter Garrett Would Have Made It To The Billionaire List If He Did Not Care About The Environment. (Credits: Youtube)

He worked as an adviser and patron to various social and community groups, including Jubilee Debt Relief. It was an establishing member of the Surfrider Foundation.

Peter Garrett Get Recognised For His Work For Environment

In 2000, Peter titled himself the winner of the Australian Humanitarian Foundation Award in the Environment category. In 2001, he earned a privileged Doctorate of Letters from the University of New South Wales. Garrett declared his departure from Midnight Oil in 2002, saying he wanted to concentrate more fully on his environmental and cultural activism. Peter used his fame and platform for a better purpose. He had the fame, and he put it to the right use. He also supports agenda 13 of the United Nations.

Peter’s tried to enter the Australian Parliament came in December 1984, when the Nuclear Disarmament Party (NDP) summoned him to stand for a New South Wales seat in the Australian Senate at the general election. He declined at first. However, he changed his mind later after consulting one of his bandmates. But he had a condition that he head the ticket. He required 12.5% of the statewide election to win a seat in the Senate voting system. However, an original vote of 9.6% proved inadequate when Labor designated its second preferences to the Democrats ahead of the NDP.

Peter Opened Up About How He Lost His Family… So He Decided To Nurture Mother Nature

Peter lost his father in front of his eyes in an asthma attack while he was still in school. He said he used to visit his father’s grave for several months and sang for him. He also said that he used to hide his tears because that was not the era where people talked about mental health without feeling ashamed. But it’s life, and change is the only permanent thing that a person can experience. So he moved on and became the man of the house.

But when he was in college, he was sleeping in the hall, and he realized that there was some wiring issue in his house, which led to a massive fire. He fled out of the house, but he realized that his mother is still trapped inside his house, which is on fire. Not even her body was recovered, and with Peter’s house, his mother fell into her demise. Peter said the trauma haunts him to date. He said no amount of therapy could heal his pain. But music and nature pulled him out of his dark place.

Peter Garrett Net Worth

Peter Garrett net worth is 10 million dollars. He has been the lead vocalist of a very successful band, Midnight Oil. Peter still holds the royalty of super hits songs. He has released many super hit albums, out of which 11 albums were rated the best seller records. He has been a government official, and he gets a government paycheque.

Peter is the owner of a mansion. He would have entered the billionaire list, but due to his charity work and sheer dedication to preserving the environment. His million dollars doesn’t matter, but his efforts to make this world a good place do.

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