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Perfect and Casual Season 2: Release Date & Renewal Status

Perfect and Casual Season 2

It has almost been a year since “Perfect and Casual” ended, and fans are waiting for an update on season 2. The Chinese drama following the story of a contract marriage has kept people glued to their screens. Following the fanfiction route, the drama is full of relationship fantasies that a dreamer has had. With some viewers calling the drama over-rated, A lot of fans love the show for its lovely cast and dreamy storyline. Going for an enemy to lovers story, the show revolves around two very different individuals. Who started living together for the show but fell in love as time went on.

Directed by Li Shuang, the show cast some popular names from the industry. Popular singer and actor, who made his performance debut with  “Love Nagging: Season 1”, Mile Wei takes up the lead role—playing the role of Zhang Si Nian, a strict and stern college professor. Opposite him is Xu Rou Han, popular for her show “Mr. Perfect and almost miss” and movie “Vanguard”. She plays the role of Yun Shu, a clumsy student in Zhang Si Nian’s class. Other actors like Margaux, Dai Yun Fan, Zhao Luo Ran, Chen Shuang, and a lot more notable actors play the supporting roles.

What Happened in “Perfect and Casual” Season 1?

Zhang Si Nian is the person who needs everything in his life to look sleek and perfect. Being a professor, he takes his job very seriously and wants everyone to be punctual. Visiting his grandfather at the hospital, he gets to know that his grandfather has been diagnosed with lymphoma. As he gets to know that he only has a year to live, he goes to an empty theater to cry. But he’s not alone in there, but with his former student Yun Shu. Yun Shu, on the other hand, is a clumsy person who has just graduated. Or was supposed to graduate but couldn’t, as her professor failed her because she was late for her presentation. Thinking about what else could go wrong, it turns out her cousin has scammed her by getting her an apartment that already belongs to someone else. To be precise, it belongs to her former professor Zhang Si Nian.

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Leaving the place after freaking out about going to the police, Yun Shu goes to her friend, who is a nurse, and starts living with her. Meanwhile, Si Nian is at the same hospital visiting his grandfather. To make him happy, he tells him that he has a girlfriend and approaches Yun Shu to act like one. Who, for the sake of the grandfather, agrees to act. With the deteriorating health of his grandfather, Yun Shu unknowingly agrees to marry Si Nian. But as she gets constantly scammed and her family being against it, she gets her in trouble.

Perfect and Casual Season 2

Nothing Stops A Wedding

After explaining the situation and a whole lot of begging, Yun Shu’s sister, finally agrees to the marriage. But she threatens Si Nian and tells him that he can never mistreat her sister. As the wedding goes on, the couple kisses and the act of the fake marriage is on. But getting back home, neither of them had the idea of what to do. But trying things and spending time together does help as the couple starts developing feelings for each other in real. They face troubles and a lot of unmatched thoughts, but they do their best to face the problems.

Is there a Season 2 Coming For “Perfect and Casual”?

Unfortunately, there is no season 2 coming for “Perfect and Casual”. The show ended in October 2020, with 24 episodes. As Yun Shu and Si Nian had a happy ending, the writers didn’t really have apace for a new season. Yun Shu was all ready to get free from the fake marriage as their contract was about to end. She was planning to go abroad to study and settle there. Si Nian had booked everything for her, but at the final moment, she refused to leave. Leaving everything at the airport, she reached the theater to find Si Nian alone, and crying thinking she had left.

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