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What to Expect From The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 7?

The Penthouse 2 War in Life Episode 7

Here is all the information you need to know about The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 7. The series is a popular South Korean suspense drama created and written by Choi Young-hoon and Kim Soon-ok respectively. The first season of the series premiered on 26 October 2020 and ended with its twenty-first episode on 5 January 2021. Due to the show’s popularity, a sequel was released in a little over a month on 19 February 2021. However, the second is scheduled to air only twelve episodes till 27 March 2021. The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 7 will air on 12 March 2021. The series airs on Friday and Saturday at 22:00 (KST) on SBS TV.

The series follows the lives of wealthy families living in a residential-commercial complex called Hera Palace. The children in the families study at the prestigious Cheong-ah Arts School. The series revolves around two completely different women Shim Su-Ryeon and Oh Yoon-Hee. Shim Su-Ryeon is an elegant and wealthy woman with a tragic past. Whereas, Oh Yoon-Hee is a student at Cheong-ah Arts School. She comes from a humble background and is raised by a single mother. Following the events of the first season, Penthouse 2 mainly focuses on Oh Yoon-Hee’s revenge and Shim Su-Ryeon’s past secrets. Moreover, the series also features the Hera Palace kids who do their best to win the grand award by becoming the best at the school.

The Penthouse 2 War in Life

What Took Place in the Previous Episode?

In the previous episode of Penthouse 2, we see Seok-Hoon inviting Bae Ro-Na for dinner and the latter turns him down. Also, Ha Eun-Byeol was watching the scene and was furious. Moreover, Seo-Jin reveals Bae Ro-Na to be the top winner of the award. However, Ha Eu-Byeol runs after her, smashes the trophy, and slits her throat with it. As a result, Bae Ro-Na falls down the stairs.

This caused a huge panic as people rush outside and ruined the crime scene. Meanwhile, Yoon-Hee is in complete shock and is crying over Bae Ro-Na’s condition. After Kang Ma-Ri finds Ha-Eun Byeol’s necklace at the crime scene. Seo-Jin snatches it in a hurry. Meanwhile, Ha Eun-Byeol runs back home and hides the trophy with Bae Ro-Na’s blood in her closet.

The Penthouse 2 War in Life Episode 7

Later, Bae Ro-Na wakes up after surgery for a moment. Her mother tells her that she won and then  Bae Ro-Na loses consciousness again. Furthermore, Seok-Hoon is in an argument with his father, telling him how the latter killed his mother and Min Seol-Ah. Seok-Hoon threatens his father that if he’s behind the attack on Bae Ro-Na, then he will take revenge.

Also, Seo-Jin finds out that Joo Dan-Tae took Ha Eun-Byeol’s necklace from her pocket. Meanwhile, Ha Eun-Byeol dumps the dress with the blood but her mother catches her doing that. After Seo-Jin confronts her about this, then Ha Eun-Byeol admits to killing Bae Ro-Na. However, Seo-Jin promises her daughter that she won’t be held responsible for this and burns the dress.

Meanwhile, Yoon-Hee and Yoon-Cheol get the news that Bae Ro-Na’s brain damage is severe and she may never wake up again. Meanwhile, Seo-Jin continues to hide the evidence that could point to her daughter. While Seok-Kyung was in custody due to the fake evidence planted by Seo-Jin, Yoon-Hee starts suspecting Ha Eun-Byeol after learning about her necklace from Kang Ma-Ri. Seok-Kyung is cleared of suspicions quickly after her fingerprints didn’t match.

The Penthouse 2 War in Life Episode 7

Yoon-Hee confronts Ha Eun-Byeol and the latter breaks down, claiming not to know anything. Later, Ha Eun-Byeol’s parents decided to make the janitor her scapegoat. Seo-Jin and Yoon-Cheol are afraid that Bae Ro-Na might wake up one day and reveal the truth. So, Seo-Jin decides to kill her. She goes to the hospital ward, removes her breathing tube, and kills her.

The episode ends with Yoon-Hee finishing her funeral and trying to kill herself by swallowing pills. However, Logan arrives in the nick of time and stops her from doing that. He also tells her that he knows Ha Eun-Byeol is the killer.

The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 7 Preview:

What to Expect From the Upcoming Episode?

The next episode will feature the mystery behind Shim Su-Ryeon’s reappearance. The series is keeping the audience at the edge of the seat over the identity of the woman who came face to face with Joo Dan Tae. Even though her face and voice are similar to Shim Su-Ryeon, it is still a fact that she died in the first season.

There are speculations that she didn’t die or that the woman with the same face is her twin. However, the seventh episode will unveil the mystery behind this. Moreover, we will get to see more conflicts and revenge plots in the upcoming episode.

Also, Logan Lee will arrive in South Korea. The series will reveal that he has been keeping a spy at Cheon Seo-Jin’s house. Logan works closely with the private tutor of Ha Eun-Byeol, who gave a leak that Ha EunByeol and Cheon Seo-Jin acted suspiciously while Bae Ro-Na is injured. Moreover, Logan seems to be taking action to find the real killer of Shim Su-Ryeon.

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