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Will There Be Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 14?

What is the release date for The Penthouse 3 Episode 5?
Lee Ji-Ah, Eugene and Kim So-Yeon from The Penthouse 3 Episode 5

The soaring success of The Penthouse brought the series back to back for two seasons. The exciting storyline of The Penthouse makes the viewers quite curious, starting from the death of Shim So Ryeon to Oh Yoon Hee’s getting out of prison. The evil intentions of Joo Don Tae and Cheon Seo Jin made the viewers even more enthusiastic for The Penthouse 2: War in Life. However, season two is not the end as the creators are, even planning for season 3 with more twists and turn plotlines.

Ever since The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 13 came to an end, viewers are even more eager to know about the fourteenth episode. Is The Penthouse 2: War in Life returning with another episode, or was Episode 13 the end? Let’s find out all the details about The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 14 below. 

The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 14: Release Date

The Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 14 does not have any release date. The series already came to an end with the release of episode 13. Thus, there is no episode 14 with no renewal for another episode. The Penthouse 2: War in Life ended on April 02, 2021, with episode 13 being the finale and premiered on the same day. According to initial plans, The Penthouse 2: War in Life consisted only of twelve episodes. But, an extension to only one more episode took place after the series began premiering. However, the launching of a special episode did take place after the completion of The Penthouse 2.

When will Penthouse 2: War in Life Episode 14 be released?

A scene from The Penthouse 2: War in Life wherein Joo Dan Tae is combing Cheon Seo-Jin’s hair while threatening her (Credit: SBS TV)

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The Penthouse 2: Special Episode

The Penthouse 2: Special Episode release date was on April 03, 2o21 at SBS original network. The name of the special episode is The Penthouse 2: Hidden Room: Unfinished Story. It is also known as Penteuhauseu 2 Hideunlum: Kkeutnaji Anheun Iyagi. The episode airs after the completion of The Penthouse 2 but acts as the prequel to the second season. It is a documentary that shows some of the behinds to scenes moments with the cast members. Jang Do Yeon and Shin Dong Yup is acting as the host for the show.

The Penthouse 2: Special Episode: Recap

The Penthouse 2: Special Episode starts with showcasing that The Penthouse brought a sensation all over Korea. Now, they are again back with stories that will leave everyone speechless. Uhm, Ki Joon appears and jokingly says Do not kill your husband. There will be more extreme stories that draw right everyone into the series having plot twists. Furthermore, they will have their award ceremony, Hidden Award, and a mysterious woman appears in the studio. Even stronger temptations came, and a much stronger villain contest to leave everyone fuming. The story has not come to an end yet. 

Host Shin Dong Yup says The Penthouse 2, Hidden Room is now open, and everyone begins clapping. Jang Do Yeon began saying that season 1 was sensational, but the second season gained even more popularity. Dong Yup proceeds saying, that he loves it when the show starts, but someone is missing in their seat. It is obvious that someone is missing from their place. The place belongs to Lee Jee Ah, who is currently filming. He further mentions that by the time they were filming the special episode, all the filming for the drama was supposed to get finished. However, filming schedules always get behind with dramas. The finale of The Penthouse 2 would have also aired by the time the airing of the special episode takes place.

However, the hosts also say that they have not yet watched the last episode as they were sitting with the casts during that time. They have also prepared and showcased a video of how sensational was The Penthouse 2. The crew has prepared splendours in the video from which the viewers cannot take their eyes. Everyone has millions of dollars in The Penthouse. A million-dollar home is nothing to all the people staying at Hera Palace. One may get the feeling that they are living a very luxurious life. But that is very much not the case when one looks closely. 

The desires of humans are endless. Even though it gets fulfilled, they always want more. They will sell their soul to get more. There are things they want to take and things that they want to protect. However, the people in the drama are just like everyone except for the ways they did to get their desires were not right. Everyone humans have desires. The Penthouse is the dramatized example of what happens when people try to fill their desires through dramatized means. 

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