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Preview and Recap: Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 9

Preview: Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 9
Still From Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 8

Pennyworth has been surprisingly one of the well-maintained spy dramas. The series has constantly decent views to keep up with a large number of crime dramas in the entertainment industry. Epix created the show based on the characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger for DC Comics. The series made its debut on the network on July 18, 2019. The decent numbers for the first season catapulted the show for a second season run which has completed eight episodes so far with two more in store before the season wraps up. Here we are taking a look at what happened previously on Pennyworth. Also what we can expect from the upcoming Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 8.

Pennyworth tells the story of Alfred Pennyworth, his early life way back before he became the Wayne Family’s butler. A former British SAS soldier looking forward to forming his security agency in 1950s London. The recent death of Lord Harwood has had a major effect on the characters that might shape what would happen next. So with no further adieu, let’s take a look at what happened previously on Pennyworth.

Previously On Pennyworth

Lord Harwood’s funeral saw Salt making his move. He demanded an unconditional surrender from the Queen. Salt threatened Queen stating that he will unleash Stormcloud if she denies the surrender. On the other hand, Martha reveals to Thomas that she is pregnant. Upon hearing the news, Thomas asks her to marry him only to Martha refuse.

Preview: Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 9

Still From Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 8

While Salt has put Queen under pressure, on the other hand, Bet and Peg kidnap Salt’s mistress Vikki. They are interrupted by Katie who talks Bet out of letting Vikki go. Alfred on the other side of things looks to rekindle with Gully so that they can resolve things. The only thing is Gully’s gang attack, Alfred, before they both can meet.

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Gully drags Alfred into the forest and beats him up before Alfred manages to escape and is hunted down by Gully and his gang. Even though he is wounded, Alfred makes his moves. He creates traps to catch Alfred red-handed but ultimately doesn’t wish to kill him. Suffering from his wound, Alfred says that he wants to make difference and work for higher authority. Caveboy and Mrs. Pennyworth arrive at the location in order to save Alfred.

Salt on the other hand succeeding in his mission step by step. He is elected as the Chancellor at the Raven Union high council. The episode ends with the revelation that Alfred’s father is indeed alive. He is on life support stuck in a wheelchair.

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Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 9 is releasing on April 4th, 2021 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Epix. Once it’s finished airing, you can stream the episode on Epix’s official website. The episode will also be available to watch on the streaming service of Philo. It could also be bought through the VOD service of Amazon Prime. The ninth episode of Pennyworth is titled, “Paradise Lost”. The official synopsis of Pennyworth states that the trio of Alfred, Thomas & Martha is planning to break into the Raven headquarters. They have 48 hours on their hands as Daveboy and Lucius help them to steal the project Stormcloud.

Preview: Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 9

Still From Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 8

Salt with powers in his hands is certainly not a good sign. The project Stormcloud is a vital part of his success which might go along as long as he has it in his hands. Alfred, Thomas, And Martha might break in, but there will be a number of challenges they may get through before successfully reach the Raven headquarters. Even with Daveboy and Lucius on their side, the tasks ain’t easy.

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Plus, after the beatdown that Alfred gave Gully, he is not someone to back off. Will he retaliate to make his move on Alfred remains to be seen as well. Plus will Gully’s retaliation dissolve the trios’ plan is this another question? There is a lot at stake and project Stormcloud is nothing to be taken lightly. It literally made the queen go down before Salt and he might not be ready to give that kind of power so easily. All remains to be seen in the upcoming ninth episode of Pennyworth Season 2.

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