Peng Episode 8: Release Date, How to Watch, Predictions, and Preview

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Peng Episode 8 Release Date
Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

Peng Episode 8 will be gracing your screens very soon. This star-studded South Korean web series starring Yoon So Hee, Choi Won Myung, Joo Woo Jae, Lee Seung II, and Kim Hyun Jin is coming close to its finale. Furthermore, fans have fallen completely in love with the beautiful actress Yoon So Hee, who plays Go Sa Ri. She has such great chemistry with all the four men that you will be pulling your hair if you have to choose a pair. Just like Go Sa Ri, fans are also having a tough time deciding who is the real winner. Moreover, Peng is a mixture of all things good, from comedy to romance and work life, this drama has got it all. Peng is also serving as a motivation for people to get out of unhealthy relationships.

Additionally, Go Sa Ri decided to take the course of her life into her own hands. She spent her most precious years following her then-husband Jeon Woo Sang. Now that Go Sa Ri is moving into her thirties, she wants to live the life she has always wanted. But with her ex-husband showing up everywhere, sleeping with a young model, best friend catching feelings, and nosy co-workers, things are going south for Go Sa Ri. If you want to find out more about this interesting series written by Han Soo Ji, then keep reading this article.

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Peng Episode 8 Release Date

Fans have been patiently waiting for this episode to release. Peng Episode 8 will decide what is Go Sa Ri’s life going to be like. Furthermore, Peng Episode 8 will be released on the 29th of October. Although it is meant to be a fun and light-hearted drama, Han Soo Ji has added just the right amount of drama to keep you waiting. Furthermore, Go Sa Ri may be living every girl’s dream life with four successful men falling in love with her right now. But things were not always the same. She wasted the ten most precious years of her life waiting around for her husband. Although Go Sa Ri is now divorced and living her best life, she is embarrassed about her past. The people at her workplace do not know that she is a divorcee.

Peng Episode 8 Preview
Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

Go Sa Ri, just like many other women, is afraid that she will be turned into an outcast if people find out. So when a co-worker hears her ex-husband talking about her, will she expose Go Sa Ri? Find out in Peng Episode 8.

How to Watch Peng?

The nine-episode Baek Min Hee (Just One Bite, Love Refresh) directorial is available to watch on Rakuten Viki. If you are curious about where the drama was released on television, it does not. This web series is another great addition to Playlist Studio dramas like Blue Birthday and Twenty-Twenty. Moreover, Peng premiered on the 7th of October and is scheduled for release till the 5th of November. The drama releases twenty-minute-long episodes on the Thursday and Friday of each week. Additionally, Rakuten Viki releases the latest episodes of Peng with subtitles in more than fifteen languages. If you want to watch the episodes soon after their release at 7 pm according to Korean Standard Time, you will be needing a Viki Pass. So get your pass and enjoy Peng Episode 8.

Peng Episode 8 Release Date
Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

What to Expect From The Upcoming Episodes of Peng?

The upcoming episodes of Peng will consist of a lot of twists and turns. Furthermore, if Go Sa Ri’s co-worker decides to gossip, then her work life will be in trouble. So far, Go Sa Ri has managed to maintain a clean image among her colleague. If the word spreads that she was going around with two men, things will get ugly for her. Moreover, the team manager also saw her calling the CEO of the company, her boyfriend, which would further complicate things. If you think her work life is going to be messy, her love life will shock you further. A young model, her company’s CEO, her childhood best friend, and her ex-husband all want her back. Make sure to watch Peng Episode 8 to watch what will Go Sa Ri do next.

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