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Peng Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

PENG Episode 7 Release Date
Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

Peng Episode 7 is going to be super exciting. The three men were ready to fight each other at the exhibition, and we could not be more entertained. Innocent little Go Sa Ri did not even know what she was getting herself into. Furthermore, Peng is really making fans go crazy with all the thrilling drama. This week, we saw the three beautiful men in Go Sa Ri’s life come face to face. The cherry on the top is that it all happened during Pi Jung Won’s exhibition. Will Go Sa Ri find out that her best friend since childhood has a crush on her? This will just add to all the chaos that has already made its way into Go Sa Ri’s life. Meanwhile, we finally got some insight into what Go Sa Ri’s life before was like.

Additionally, she spent all the youthful years of her 20s while following her husband, Jeon Woo Sang. Now that Go Sa Ri will be entering a new decade of her life, she wants to make a change. Go Sa Ri wants to make up for all the fun that she has missed during the ten years. So she, along with her friends, Doo Ru Mi and Ye Soo Won, decides that they will do all the things that she likes. However, this does not go as planned when she ends up sleeping with a good-looking model only to realize that he is ten years younger than her. Things get more tangled up when she opens her heart to a stranger and talks to him about how the CEO of her company is irresponsible and never shows up.

And guess who this handsome stranger turned out to be? The irresponsible CEO of Go Sa Ri’s company who never shows up. If you are interested in knowing what Go Sa Ri gets herself into next, keep reading this article for more details on Peng Episode 7.

Peng Episode 7 Release Date

The much-awaited Peng Episode 7 will take the storyline on another level. Now that all the three men ( we will only be talking about the good ones) know that they have competitors, things will get heated up really quick. Peng Episode 7 will be releasing on 28 October. Not to mention, Go Sa Ri’s ex-husband is losing his few brain cells overseeing Go Sa Ri with another guy. Moreover, with the release of this episode, this web series will have just three more episodes to go. It will be very exciting to see who Go Sa Ri will choose to be with at the end. Fans are just hoping to see Go Sa Ri become happy and independent. After the ten years that she has spent meaninglessly, she truly deserves to be happy.

Peng Episode 7

Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

Furthermore, this masterpiece written by Han Soo Jee is giving off major female empowerment vibes. Except, of course, the mean female coworker who can’t watch her be successful. If you want a, peek into Go Sa Ri’s drama and romance-filled life, make sure to watch Peng Episode 7.

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How to Watch Peng?

This South Korean web series drama is exclusively being released on Rakuten Viki. Furthermore, Peng tells us the story of how three dashing men enter Go Sa Ri’s life and if it is a blessing or curse over ten episodes. Furthermore, each fun-filled episode of Peng will have a duration of approximately twenty minutes. The cast and characters of this drama have won over our hearts. This drama is moving up high on the viewership chart. And why would it not, it has beautiful actors like Yoon So Hee, Choi Won Myung, Joo Woo Jae, Lee Seung II, and Kim Hyun Jin. Additionally, the drama releases a new episode every Thursday with subtitles in various languages. So make sure you do not miss out on Peng Episode 7.

Peng Episode 7 Release Date

Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

In the upcoming episodes, things will get difficult for Go Sa Ri. Furthermore, now that Yeon Ha Rim and Ki Sun Jae (the CEO) are both trying to go out with her, she will have to make a decision. On top of all that, she has to deal with her ex-husband, Jeon Woo Sang, who is still clinging to her. Moreover, after the exhibition, she must have a few questions for Pi Jung Won. What will happen when her coworker decides to expose her love life in the office? Will Go Sa Ri stop being friends with Pi Jung Won? All these questions will hopefully be answered in Peng Episode 7.

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