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Spoilers & Recap: Peach Boy Riverside Episode 4

Peach Boy Riverside
Peach Boy Riverside

The war between Orcs and Humans continues in Peach Boy Riverside. Frau and Sally recently defeated the sea lion Seth and head to the nearby village where they met with Carrott. The episode begins with a man falling, and the referee announced that the match is over. Hawthorn Grattor defeated a knight during the competitions. Frau, Sally, and Carrot praise Hawthorn for his first victory. The episode title is ”Sally and a Crossroads.” Hawthorn reminds the girls of what he did during his battle. Sally comments that it is good that Hawthorn has a weak point. Hawthorn replies that he will wing Barquend Martial Arts Tournament.

The girls decided to leave the fighting Arena, and Carrot asks the two if they are not watching him. Sally replies that she is not interested in those kinds of fights. The trio wonders why Hawthorn enters the tournament. Carrot replies that he is doing it for the prize of three hundred gold pieces. Frau talked about Gallant’s heart, and the girls wonder what that is, and she said Hawthorn wants to get stronger. The realizes that Gallant’s heart is the one that needs to protect everyone.

Carrot comments that when she was an Ogre ahs e thoughts of humans as insects to get crushed. She never considers that humans have hearts, and Frau realizes that Carrot understands human hearts. Sally is glad that peace with the Ogres might be possible someday. She saw someone that she knows and decided to follow that boy. Outside the building, she calls his name out, and he looks back. Mikoto realizes that it is Sally and he has been looking for her. The two reunites, and Mikoto buys water for Sally.

Previously on Peach Boy Riverside Episode 3

Mikoto reveals that he has run out of money, but things will change soon. Sally wonders if she enters the competition. Meanwhile, Sister William, the girl who emptied Makoto’s pocket, entered the tournament and beat her first opponent. William realizes that she is weak without her Ogre powers. In the evening, a knight apologizes to the boss that he couldn’t apprehend Hatsuki. The boss told him not to worry since the is a bad match-up.

The guy wonders if the boss saw him getting beaten by Hatsuki, and the boss replies that he saw everything. A lady appears and told the guy to pick him up, and the guy replies, why a minor child is here. A muscle guy told that guy to show respect to his master. Blue was lying on the ground and said the mid-Ogre to apologize to his master. The boss revealed that the creature on the earth is Somenki and his maker is Kishini.

Peach Boy Riverside

Peach Boy Riverside

God of Mask

The lady asking to join the is God of Mask Joselino. The guy realizes that he was calling God of Mask a child and apologizes. Joseline asks the guy to carry her, and the trio heads somewhere when he is holding her on his shoulders. They both arrive at the summoning circle, and Joseline praises yellow for keeping the magic circle alive. The boss reveals that they are gathering a hundred Ogres. The Ogres keep on coming out of the magical ring; the boss gives orders to the army of Ogres.

The boss announces that 672nd Hundred Ogre Gathering will now begin. He showed them the map and said red represents the share of influence of Ogres on this continent. The Ogres get surprised when they see that red is getting dominated by non-other than humankind. The old geezer Ogre appears and asks if this is the work of Peach Boy. The boss replies that it is accurate and talked about Hundred Ogre Gathering. The Ogre asks Sumeragi about the Peach Boy. Sumeragi’s men realize that Mikoto is the Peach Boy.

They wonder what forces doe Peach Boy has to drive the Ogre back. Sumeragi reveals that Peach Boy is a single human who works alone and defeats the enemy single-handedly. The Ogres are surprised that a single human can wipe out the Ogrekind. The Ogres thought that Sumeragi is giving praises to the young boy, and the old geezer comment that the Peach Boy slaughtered an army of Ogre and killed Moki. The next day Sumeragi met with Sally and Mikoto, telling Sally to join her, and Mikoto gets angry.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 4 Release date

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 4 releases date is 22 July 2021. You can watch Peach Boy Riverside on Crunchyroll. VRV, and Ani-One Asia. You can look at The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Episode 1: Release Date & Preview.

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