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What To Expect From Peach Boy Riverside Episode 1?

Peach Boy Riverside

We are back again with another upcoming anime that will air early in July. We are entering a new season with ongoing and forthcoming anime on our list. The anime that we are looking at is Peach Boy Riverside coming for the first time on screens. The anime reveals the powers and purpose of the characters. Let’s look at what to expect in Peach Boy Riverside. Saltherine Aldarake, known as Sally, is a bright princess who yearns to explore on an adventure. Sally feels that her surround boring, and she needs action in her life. Her life became entertaining when a mob of vicious demons called “Oni” arrives in the Kingdom.

The demons threats every human around the Kingdom. Fortunately, humankind got saved aby by a lone traveler known as Kibitsu Makoto, who slash the monsters using a mysterious “Peach Eye.” The incidents around the world brought fear to Sally’s life, and she set on a journey. But she was unaware that her movement could change the fate of the magical world. The monsters begin roaming around the Kingdom. The wall protects the humans that the monsters try to break. Makoto arrives in this world to fight against the Oni that he encounters.

He travels around with a white and Melissa. Makoto keeps on crossing paths with Sally on his journeys. Makoto is born between a human and Oni, Gaki. Gaki left Makoto for the village after he accidentally ate his wife. The villagers thought that Gaki is a human, by when they saw a horn on Makoto’s, they tied him and humiliated him. Life became difficult for the boy as he tries to fit in the human world. Let’s take a look at how Makoto will try to mingle with humans below.

Peach Boy Riverside Summary

Makoto met with princess Saltherine Aldarake, who’s running away from something, and told Makoto to hide her from the guards. Sally realizes that the guy is a traveler and invites him to the castle and tell her about his journeys. Makoto notice that Aldarake is a lovely Kingdom peaceful with kind people, but Sally finds it boring. The next day, Sally got shocked when she discovered that  Makoto is a boy. While wandering around the castle, Makoto spot Yaki, an Oni and decide to head out.

Later Makoto discovers a group of Oni led by Moki. He asks Moki about the destruction of the Kingdom in the north. Moki admits it and said he would cut off his arm. Makoto battle with all Oni and then kill Moki. Sally wanted to follow Makoto, but she stops when witnessing the corpses of Oni. But Makoto then continues on his journey with Dog. Frau is a half-human half rabbit, and Sally found her lying by the road. Sally notices that Frau is not a human, and she didn’t fight with her.

Winnie, The Witch

Peach Boy Riverside

Peach Boy Riverside

Sally gave Frau a carrot after noting that she is hungry. Frau decided to stay with Sally, trying to return the favor that she saved her. The two began staying together and met with a farmer after entering the village. Frau notices that the farmer dislikes her and decided to leave the town. But Sally decided to disguise Frau. In the morning, the Oni incident begins, and Frau saves Sally from Oni that wanted to eat her. The villagers notice Frau’s powers and get scared since they have never seen a strong demi-human.

Frau told the villagers that she was protecting Sally, but when they are about to leave the village, Hawthorn Grattor arrested them. Winnie Emex is known as Winnie, the Witch; she owns a bar nearby the Rimdarl Kingdom. Winne is a young woman who is hundreds of years old. One day she sneaks into the Rimdarl castle and goes through their archives. Winnie felt intense magic and got teleported away with three people. The energy that teleports them came from Ogre Blast, which wipes out the Kingdom.

Winnie saved many people and told them to work for her, but they end up abandoning her. Winnie uses her crystal ball to spy on Sally and find that Sally will come to her bar. Later the crew arrives, and Winnie offers them drinks. Sally notices that Winnie posses tremendous magic and asks her to become her teacher. Winnie, the Witch, accepts by telling Sally to keep their training a secret and the payment of one million. The two begin working together, preparing for the upcoming war.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 1 Release date

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 1 releases date is 1 July 2021. You can watch Peach Boy Riverside on Crunchyroll.

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