Jurassic Park Toys & An 18th Century Cannon Coming To Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 13

Spoilers and Release Date For Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 13
From Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 12 Featuring Rick, Spencer, Corey and Chumlee

Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 13 sees toys from an iconic movie of the 90s coming into the shop. A movie that changed the landscape of how we look at cinema. Also, a cannon from the past is something Rick looks forward to buying in the coming episode. Before we move to the same, recently the show had quite a few quick deals and some passes as well. There is a new team member joining as well. Especially with Rick busy with his gallery, Corey sometimes on-road, and Chumlee busy with the candy shop.

So what we had were some items that really didn’t come as authentic as Rick would want them. Sometimes not being authentic works but not always as there will be no value for it. Most of the items coming into the shop held such faults and the Pawn Stars had to either pass on it or come to the lowest value which sellers didn’t see coming. Here is a look at how it all went down.

Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 12 Recap

Previously on Pawn Stars Season 19, we opened up with Korean War Emergency Water Cans coming into the shop. The seller had two sets of them but Rick quickly declared that they arent from Korean War. They were from Cold War and Rick quickly bought them for $150. Next up was Flying Ace Roller Skates from the 1950s which Corey bought for $125. A painting by legendary rock artist Prince was up next. Rock and Roll Expert Warwick took a look at it and believes the seller needs to do research and find if it is authentic. Therefore, Rick passed on it for now.

Events From Previous Episode That May affect Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 13
From Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 12

A 1932 Kozy Camp Historical Trailer came for Corey and Chum. Although the seller wanted a lot, Corey didn’t believe its a collector item. So they couldn’t come to a deal. A seller brought a Firestone Salesman Sample next. Looking at the condition and the fact it’s not a true sample, the best Chumlee could offer was $50 and it worked. Next, a Charlie Chaplin film, “Caught In A Cabaret” came into the shop. It wasn’t an original one for sure and could be from the 1940s. Rick believes it’s not worth much so he wasn’t much interested in it.

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Next in the shop, we had a 1958 Orange Crush Clock. Although the seller wanted a lot, the best Corey could go was $450 but he went up a little with $480. Next, it was the 1980 Poker Set From Cartier. Once again the seller was looking forward to a lot, but Chum only offered $2000 which worked.

Ending For Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 12
From Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 12 Featuring Rick, Spencer, Corey and Chumlee

Rick left to look at two Louis Icart Etchings. Expert Chad took a look at them as well and came to the conclusion that they are unsellable with the fact they are not genuine etchings. Corey was in Virginia to take a look at a good collection of radio-controlled airplanes. Corey bought two of them for $2800.

With no one in the shop, Spencer had a chance to shine. He was looking at a lowrider bicycle. Still, Chum decided to lure himself in to make sure everything is right. At the end of the day, it was up to Spencer who had to pass on it as the seller wanted a lot. Lastly, a seller bought something from World War II he didn’t know about and Rick recognized it as Momsen Lung. Rick bought it for $300.

Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 13 Release Date & Spoilers

Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 13 is releasing on 18 December 2021. It is titled, “Pawnasaurus Rex”. The official synopsis of the episode suggests toys from Jurassic Park are making their way into the shop. Jurassic Park as a movie has continued to mark its presence over cinema since its release in 1993. So whatever is related to it, the thing might still hold some value. Apart from that, Rick and Chum will later be taking a look at 18th-century cannon as well.

Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 13 Release Time & Streaming Details

Pawn Stars Season 19 Episode 13 is airing on History Channel at 9 PM ET in the United States. A new episode follows in every Saturday and will continue right after Episode 13 until the nineteenth season of Pawn Stars wraps up. You can also watch ‘Pawn Stars’ Season 19 Episode 13 on the official website of History Channel and video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime, VUDU, iTunes, Google Play Movies and TV, Microsoft, and YouTube TV.

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