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Patrick Rothfuss Book 3: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Patrick Rothfuss’s Book 3, “The Doors Of Stone,” can easily be stated as one of the most awaited books of the year. As part of the trilogy “The Kingkiller Chronicle,” it is safe to say that The Doors of Stone has been part of one of the most anticipated books from the time it has been announced. The two parts of the trilogy that has been released prior to this were The Name of the Wind(2007) and The Wise Man’s Fear (2011). Many speculations were made regarding the release of book three. However, till now, it has not seen the light of the day.

As mentioned earlier, “The Kingkiller Chronicle” is a trilogy. The basic storyline revolves around Kvothe, a disreputable adventurer. His identity had a different angle which gives the story a plot twist, enough to keep one hooked into reading it throughout. He forms the entire story, and presently he keeps another identity that is of an innkeeper.

Patrick started working on the trilogy ever since he was doing his bachelor’s in English during his college days. He injected the various elements of emotions in the novel through his own experiences, like his personal interests and hobbies. After the completion of the novel, he went through quite some struggles to finally get it published though it got rejected every time.

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Patrick Rothfuss Book 3: The Doors of Stone Release Date

The Doors of Stone was estimated to be released this year. However, till now, no update has come out on this matter. Fans are waiting for almost a decade now for the release of the book as the first book of the trilogy got released in 2007 while the second part got released in 2011. Even after such a long period, the interest surrounding this book doesn’t seem to rest. Several fan theories have been made regarding the characters of the story. And the ardent fans of this book are waiting for the D- Day to arrive. When asked the Author about the delayed release of the book, he cited his mental health to be one of the reasons. Nevertheless, let us keep our hopes up and wait for the book’s arrival, and surely it will be rewarding.

The Name Of the Wind

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Patrick Rothfuss Book 3: The Doors of Stone Synopsis and Preview

Since it’s a trilogy the story will pick up from where it left in the last book that is in The Wise Man’s Fear. The author even said that this book will be shorter than its predecessor.

The series takes us to a fantasy world of Temerant, a place full of magic and inhabited by supernatural beings. Magic there can be used, however, with a given set book of rules. Temerant has The Four Corners of Civilization, which kind of forms its four major countries. These are namely, The Commonwealth, Ceald, Model, and Vintas. The Southwest corner was governed by the Commonwealth, while Ceald in the Northwest, Modeg in the Northeast part, and Vintas in the South East region. Kvothe is the main character in the series. He narrates the story himself. That is, the story is being said as a first-person narrative. His childhood was spent with troupes while the coming years were spent in the dark world of the city till he became one of the most ill-famed people in the world of Temerant. His life forms the rest of the storyline.

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Patrick Rothfuss: The Author

American writer Patrick Rothfuss is best known for his fantasy fiction trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle. Born in Madison, he started writing while being in college. His book  The Name of the Wind, the first book of the trilogy, earned itself the Quill Award , while the second book, The Wise Man’s Fear, got a No.1 on the New York Times bestseller list. Other notable work of the Author includes The Slow Regard Of Silent Things. This is a fantasy tale which goes side by side with The Kingkiller Chronicle tale.

Author Patrick Rothfuss

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