Park Min Young Talks About Her Character In ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’

Park Min Young

The Queen Of Office Romance is back as Park Min Young is starring in the brand new series ‘Forecasting Love And Weather,’ which is all set to hit the streaming platform Netflix by 12th February. The drama revolves around two diligent yet complete opposite personalities and how they help each other grow while working in the Korea Meteorological Administration.

Song Kang is sharing the screen with Park Min Young in this drama. The actress is quite excited regarding this project as it is the first series where the concept of forecasting weather has been taken into account. Min Young shares certain bits and pieces about her character and how she has prepared for the role. The actress mentions how it was not an easy task. However, we are sure that we will get yet another experience that will be worth cherishing.

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Park Min Young Talks About Her Character In ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’

Actress Park Min Young, while talking about her character in ‘Forecasting Love And Weather,’ reveals that she had to go through a lot of research work to fit into the character of a woman who works in the meteorological department. According to her, one of the key reasons for choosing this project was because it had a new background theme, which is the Korea Meteorological Administration.

Forecasting Love And Weather
A Still From The Teaser

Coming back to her character in the series, Park Min Young mentioned that she played the role of Jin Ha Kyung. She recalls that Ha Kyung can be termed as a woman who is passionate about her work and someone completely oblivious about the world of dating. She is extremely committed to her work, and at that time, romance or dating is like the second option. She will choose work as her priority. She had previously been in a relationship with one of her co-workers. However, she has also faced the consequences because of that. This time it may be different as Lee Si Woo will be the special reporter who will be making her heart flutter.

Park Min Young wishes the audience to have a good experience and wants the people to view the drama, where two individuals of completely different personalities will help each other grow, and not only a romantic tale between two individuals with an age gap.

Special attention was also given to her dressing style. So keeping in mind the character she had formal wears, with simple color pallettes. The style was something that can be seen worn by most government employees.

There is kind of a similarity between Park Min Young and Jin Ha Kyung. Both are dedicated individuals and try to put their best foot forward. Though there may be many other traits that match with Min Young, however for that, we have to wait for the drama to air.

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The anticipated office drama romance is about the people who work together in the Korea Meteorological Administration. The main leads of the series are played by Park Min Young As Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo, played by Song Kang. Both are very different from each other. However, it will be interesting to watch their opposite worlds collide, especially when they are working in the same office.

Forecasting Love And Weather
A Still From The Teaser

The cast in the drama tries to bring a middle ground in both their personal and professional lives. Among the new poster that has been released, it can be said that forecasting the weather will be a tricky thing; however, trying to predict the heart will be even more twisting. At least for now, that’s what can be interpreted from the caption, which says, “I’m going crazy trying to get it right, the weather and that person’s heart.”

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