Parasite Actress Park So Dam Undergoes Surgery After Getting Diagnosed With Cancer

Park So Dam gets thyroid cancer
Park So Dam

Parasite actress Park So Dam was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer and had also undergone surgery. The fans of the South Korean actress were unable to digest the sad news. However, after Park So Dam’s agency- Artist Company- shared an official statement, they felt a little calm. The actress is known for her stunning performances in various Korean films, including the global winner Parasite. Since Park So Dam is recovering from her recent surgery, she will sit down the promotions of her upcoming movie, Special Delivery. 

On December 13, Dam’s agency released a brief statement to share an update on the actress’ current situation. Ther shared that Park So Dam was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer while getting her regular medical examination. As per her doctor’s recommendation, she has completed the surgery.

Park So Dam Gets Diagnosed With Papillary Thyroid Cancer

Due to Park So Dam’s current unwelcoming situation, she will not attend any Special Delivery film promotional events. According to Artist Company, the actress feels disappointed. But, for now, she will entirely focus on recovering from her surgery.

Furthermore, they penned that So-Dam is gearing for the film’s premiere, even though she could not meet the fans during other events. The company thanked fans and the crew and cast of Special Delivery who are standing with the actress during a tough time. In the end, the official statement pinpointed on So-Dam’s recovery period and made it clear that they will work hard for the Parasite star to get well soon.

Park So Dam diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer
Park So Dam in Parasite

Park So Dam’s upcoming crime action film will release on January 12, 2022. It will mark her first action film. Hence, the fans are praying for the actress to get better soon and before the premiere.

The 30-year-old actress has entertained the audience through her movies and Kdramas. Her hit dramas include Cinderella and Four Knights, Record of Youth, and A Beautiful Mind. On the other hand, she is famous for movies like Run Off, Snow Paths, The Thrown, Veteran, Fukuoka, and many more. So-Dam is a massive name in Korean cinema. But, she gained worldwide recognition with her role in 2019’s ParasiteThe Jessica Jingle based on her character is still famous among many.

We’d love to see the actress back in action. Wishing So-Dam a speedy recovery.

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