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Paolo Contis And LJ Reyes: What Led to Their Separation?

After several degraded relationships, Paolo Contis started dating LJ Reyes. The couple announced their relationship just after Contis’ separation from Lian Paz. The spotlight of media was always on the newly formed couple in the year 2012. Paolo Enrico Tusi Contis, or just Paolo Contis, is a well-known personality in the entertainment world both for his talents and his dating life. His dating life has always been a kind of “quality content” for the gossip-hungry media and always alert paparazzies.

A globally recognized actor, host, and comedian Contis has worked day and night to flourish his career to the high limits. His career as a child actor gained him a lot of ground to build his whole empire on. Born in Manila, Philippines, Contis made his acting debut as a child actor in the ABS-CBN show titled “Ang TV”. He is known as a successful artist on GMA Network since the year 2004.

We are aware of the fact that none of his relationships has ever rested for a long term. The same happened with his current relationship with LJ Reyes. Things went downhill, and their stable, peaceful relationship turned into an unstable one within five years. The media coverage was huge, and the internet was running wild with the news of their separation. We are here to tell you the whole story behind it. Let’s have a quick look at things.

Paolo Contis: What’s the whole story behind it?

The news of Paolo dating LJ came out in the year 2015 in July. It was revealed in their interview with “Tonight with Arnold Clavio” in the year 2018, that the couple became pretty close while working together in the 2014 GLMA series titled “Yagit”. The celebrity couple was seen together on-screen in2005’s series Sugo. Though, at that time, their relationship was only of acquaintances.

In the interview, Contis mentioned that the time when he met LJ was a rough period for him. They talked, and her positive views on things made him feel good, and eventually, they got to know each other better.

Paolo Contis And LJ Reyes: What Led to Their Separation?

Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes

Later he started courting LJ without her realizing anything. After some time, when she did, it was shocking a bit. She said that Contis and her are a balanced match. As he is a bit negative about everything, and on the other hand, she has this optimistic aura inside her. LJ also pointed out that he gives her an escape to the real world.

Though, this, too, didn’t work out for Cotins. In a recent interview with Boy Abunda’s YouTube show “the Boy Abunda Talk Channel,” Reyes talked about her separation.

After being together for six years i.e., from 2015 to 2021, and having a daughter named Summer Ayana, things started to degrade between them. LJ explained that Contis lost interest in their family after some time, and his actions made them question what they did wrong. She also explained that their separation took a huge toll on her. She was emotionally drained, which led her to fly to the US with her kids.

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Paolo Contis: Dating History

Paolo Contis is known for his past relationships. It won’t be wrong to say that all of his relationships have attracted the same intensity of spotlight to him. The details about his past dating life have been very specific, so we cannot really tell everything about them. His relationship with Lian Paz was a known one as the couple had two beautiful children together.

The internet went wild with the news that the couple was going to tie the knot really soon after all the years of dating. The special day came in the year 2009.

Paolo Cotin and Lian Paz: What Led to Their Separation?

Lian Paz and Paolo Contis

After some time, many media outlets revealed that the couple is facing issues with their relationship. The instability went out of hand, which led to their separation soon enough after their marriage. Both of their children are with their mother after the separation in the year 2012.

Both of them moved on in their lives and found new partners. Contis started dating LJ Reyes. On the other hand, Lian came into a relationship with a Cebu businessman and caregiver named John Cabahug.

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