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Paolo Contis and Lian Paz: What Led to Their Separation?

Paolo Cotin and Lian Paz: What Led to Their Separation?
Lian Paz and Paolo Contis

Born in Manila, Philippines, Paolo Contis is known for his acting debut as a child actor in the ABS-CBN show titled “Ang TV”. He is known as a successful artist on GMA Network since the year 2004. A globally recognized actor, host, and comedian Contis has worked day and night for flourishing his career to the high limits. His career as a child actor gained him a lot of ground to build his whole empire on.

A popular actor, host, and comedian Paolo Contis were all bathed in the spotlight when it became public that he was dating Lian Paz. She was known as a dancer with a regular appearance on the longest-running noontime show in the Philippines titled “Eat Bulaga”. The couple were together for a time being and took their relationship to the next level with their marriage.

Being a known personality earned him a lot of fame and fortune. But with that, it also earned him the needed spotlight of all the media and paparazzies who kept track of his every move. His relationship with Isabel was a story for everyone. Here’s how things went on and the story unfolded.

Paolo Contis: Why things didn’t work with Lian Paz?

Lian Paz gained a lot of media spotlight through her relationship with Contis. The media went wild when the news came out that the couple were going to tie the knot really soon. The special day came in the year 2009. Both of them seemed happy with their decision and wished for a happy and healthy future for them.

Though, when it comes to Paolo Contis, he never had good luck with long-term settled relationships. After some time, many media outlets revealed that the couple is facing issues with their relationship. The instability went out of hand which led to their separation soon enough after their marriage. Lian has two beautiful daughters Xonia and Xalene with Contis. Both of them are with their mother after the separation in the year 2012.

Paolo Cotin and Lian Paz: What Led to Their Separation?

Lian Paz and John

Both of them moved on in their lives and found new partners. Contis started dating LJ Reyes. On 4 January 2019, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Summer Ayana. On the other hand, Lian came into a relationship with a Cebu businessman and caregiver named John Cabahug.

Born on 4 December 1987 in Marikina, Philippines Lian’s relationship with Contis has again gained the limelight of the media. The trigger was caused after Cotin’s separation from his five-year partner LJ Reyes. Her old interview from the year 2012 about her relationship with Contis has resurfaced on many channels. It was the same interview in which she talked about her reasons for their separation which was that they didn’t work out as expected and decided to “live a separate life”.

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Paolo Contis: Past Dating Partners

Born on 14 March 1984 Paolo Contis is known for his past relationships. It won’t be wrong to say that all of his relationships have attracted the same intensity of spotlight to him. He is currently dating LJ Reyes as per the reports. The details about his past dating life have been very specific so we cannot really tell everything about them. One of his prominent relationships is known to be with Isabel Oli.

The couple made their relationship public in the year 2006. During their relationship, the media claimed that they are living together under the same roof. The rumors were denied by Contis and they subsided down slowly.

Paolo Contis And Isabel Oli: The Reason Behind Their Breakup

Isabel Oli

He clarified to the media outlets that he is in midst of building his own house and Isabel is living with her parents. Their relationship blossomed with time but things tumbled downhill in the year 2008. With their engagement, they stepped on to the next level of their relationship. That was apparently a promise for a better future and healthy relationship but fate had other plans. Just after three weeks of their engagement, Isabel returned the ring back to him.

In the interview, Isabel revealed that it has not been easy to just let go of things. She admitted that she feels lonely at times but has been working on it. Isabel also said that she has not seen Paolo after their breakup.

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