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Paola Franchi’s Partner: Where is She These Days?

Paola Franchi Dating
Paola Franchi

Lately, the popularity of Paola Franchi has been rising all over the internet, resulting in fans being eager to know about Paola Franchi Dating. Paola Franchi is an Italian interior designer, former model, craftsman, and creator best known for her relationships with fashion designer Maurizio Gucci. Paola and Maurizio dated for a short time when he was brutally murdered, and then they never managed to have a long-term relationship. She was born on November 17, 1953, in Milan, Italy, and is still healthy.

She is referenced on the stage since her accomplice was an exceptionally well-known character, and she was an incredible lady herself as well. As previously mentioned, she was initially a model and interior designer, but after her relationship with the descendant of the Gucci author’s family and former top of the Gucci design house, Maurizio Gucci made her more recognizable. Her book L’Amore Spezzato, which means Broken Love, has also become a famous book recently. Her legacy remains whether she is featured on the media scene somewhere or not.

Paola Franchi Dating

Who is Paola Franchi Dating? As of now, The Italian interior designer is currently single. However, Paola Franchi was Maurizio Gucci’s girlfriend at the time of his murder in 1995. The two were childhood friends and got back together in 1990 after their respective marriages split. The couple lived together in a luxury apartment in Milan and began planning their wedding when Gucci’s divorce from Patrizia Reggiani became official in 1994.

Paola Franchi Dating

Paola Franchi

In an interview with The Guardian, Franchi recalled her relationship with Gucci. She said that too they fell in love immediately. Maurizio told her that they were two halves of the same apple. However, the couple was never lucky. On the morning of March 27, 1995, Gucci was shot dead by an assassin in front of his office building. Reggiani was charged, along with four others, for the murder of Gucci two years after the crime. Just one day after Gucci’s death, Franchi was ordered to leave his apartment because he was not married to her and had no rights to the property. Reggie and his daughter moved in shortly after.

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Paola Franchi faced Another Tragedy

Paola Franchi slowly moved on after Maurizio Gucci’s death. However, she went through a tragedy again in 2001 when Charlie – the son of her ex-husband Giorgio Colombo – died by suicide at the age of 16. The loss of her son devastated Franchi, and she channeled her grief by starting a charity with her ex-husband named L’Amico Charly in memory of their son. Franchi said on Charlie’s suicide that it was unexpected because he had always been a happy child. “We think it was a touch of youth madness,” she said. The charity works with experts and psychologists in suicide prevention, especially for young people.

Franchi keeps a photo of her son and Gucci at home. She says that she likes their faces to say hello. In 2010 she published her autobiography entitled “L’Amore Spezzato,” which means “broken love.” In the book, she shares the most profound thoughts on her relationship with Gucci, her son’s suicide, and how she copes with grief through her art.

Who is Maurizio Gucci?

Gucci lived an exciting and turbulent life while his time was shortened. From his tragic death to his family, here’s everything you need to know about Maurizio. Maurizio Gucci is a crucial figure in Gucci’s history. Maurizio is married to Patrizia Reggiani, the woman at the center of Ridley Scott’s new film. The actor Adam Driver plays the role of Maurizio, with Lady Gaga as Patrizia.

Maurizio and Patrizia have two daughters together: Allegra and Alessandra. They were teenagers when their mother was arrested for hiring an assassin to kill their father. In 2016, Patrizia told in an interview that she did not have a good relationship with her daughter. “We are going through bad times now,” she said.

Paola Franchi Dating

Paola Franchi

Maurizio Gucci’s Death:

Maurizio’s life ended tragically on March 27, 1995, when he was shot dead on the steps of his office in Milan by an assassin hired by Gucci’s ex-wife Patrizia. Gucci was just 46 years old when he was shot dead. Patrizia was later arrested for her role in Maurizio’s murder. She spent 18 years in prison and was released in 2016.

Maurizio was dating Paola Franchi when she was murdered in 1995. They were childhood friends and started dating after crossing paths in Switzerland in 1990. Their relationship angered Patrizia. Maurizio’s divorce from Patrizia was not finalized until 1994. Maurizio and Paola were planning their future together when he was shot dead.

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