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Panic Season 1 Ending Explained: Did Heather Win And What’s Next?

What Went Down In The Finale Of Panic?
From Panic Season 1 Finale Featuring Olivia Welch as Heather Nill

So Amazon Prime Video brought in a show that saw teens involving themselves in cut-throat games to free themselves from an isolated town. Yes, Panic is not much of a lighthearted teen show as it sees its characters going to such an extent to save themselves. Lauren Oliver created the show based on her book of the same name. The show follows the story of a small-town called Carp out there in Texas. The town organizes a yearly competition for the teenagers who are graduated and wanting to go to the big places for their career. The competition sees them performing a number of tasks that may be a fun ride keeping their lives at the stake.

Throughout the first season of Panic, we saw the rules changing and darker conspiracies about the game revealed. The new graduates Heather, Natalie, Ray, Dodge, and Bishop worked to break it down. In the end, we saw Cortez being the center of betting involved in the game. Luke has already suffered from wrath and it could be Dodge or Ray next. The finale saw its own twists and turns as Cortez rode to win against Ray but it wasn’t Ray driving the car. Heather raced him to death. So did she win? What happened to Cortez later on and does the game end here? Let’s take a look at the ending of Panic Season 1 and figure out what it tells us.

What Went Down At The Finale Of Panic?

The opening sequences of Panic’s final episode introduced us to the final stage in the game called Joust. It sees two players compete on a single-lane road a half-mile. One has to ride while the other might need to turn. The thing is to make sure you are not the one to turn. Next, we see is Heather meeting Ray to talk about Cortez and his betting games he goes by. Plus him threatening other players to quit. Now Heather is looking on to take down Cortez.

The Finale Of Panic

From Panic Season 1 Finale Featuring Olivia Welch as Heather Nill and Enrique Murciano as Sheriff James Cortez,

Langely has some information on why Cortez turned to gamble as she talks to Willaims. She reveals he is in a lot of debt. Coming to Dodge on whom Cortez has his all money on, well Dodge has his own games to play. He plans to use Cortez to win but in a way, won’t let him. He has a plan to execute with a  little help from Ray. Meanwhile, Cortez confronts Heather as Dayna lets Natalie know what Dodge is up to. Dodge asks Ray for his truck until they realize someone’s watching over him. Following that, we find Ray attacking Dodge. On the other hand, Bishop gears up to bid adieu to Heather.

Heather finds out about Lily getting involved in the game as well. Heather calls Natalie for an update as they both go to look for Dodge and Ray. Cortez arrives at Joust as Natalie informs her father. Ray is the one who kidnapped Dodge as he confronts the bomb under the car. Meanwhile Heather shows up at Joust in Ray’s car. It’s too late when Natalie arrives to tell Dodge and Ray about Heather heading into the game. Somehow during the race, a tiger shows up resulting in Heather confronting it while Cortez makes the move to go crashing down. Thus, Heather wins.

Panic Season 1 Ending Explained

Explaining the end Of Panic

From Panic Season 1 Finale Featuring Olivia Welch as Heather Nill

So what went down here? What is this the bomb about and where it is planted? Was Ray trying to save Dodge? Did Heather survive after winning? What happened to Cortez later on as he lost. So here is the gist, Ray knew about the bomb planted under his car so he switched it to Dodge’s. The one which Cortez is driving at the Joust. This could go down anyway as Heather raced against Cortez until tiger showed up. She put on the brakes but Cortez didn’t lead him to crash. Furthermore, Cortez saw the bomb at the right time and managed to go far away as the car blasted. Luckily Heather survived too as she was far away too and her friends reached in time to know if she is okay. Plus, she also won Panic in turn with Ray’s car.

Although Cortez survives the blast he doesn’t survive the wrath of Melanie who takes her shot out there in the woods to kill him. The ending lasts 10 minutes to see all the characters going on their road. Heather finishing her novel on how to win the game by believing in something.Bishop leaving town bidding adieu to Natalie and Heather. Luke is back to life while Natalie reconciles with Dodge who gets along with their plans as they say goodbye to each other as well. Finally, Heather sees the video of Ray confessing his love for her and meets him later to kiss. Furthermore, she is gifted the winning amount from the judges as well so she can move on with life.

Does Panic Tease a Season 2?

From Panic Season 1 Finale Featuring Olivia Welch as Heather Nill

The final moments are teasing that even though the game ended it did only for Heather. Who won and is leaving the town. But signs are up again. Heather teases no one knows who invented and started it and doesn’t know how it ends. A truck comes driving ablaze along with Heather’s car throwing a kind of scarecrow. So yes there might be a second season coming which may bring the characters to end the game after they have achieved what they wanted. Probably it will drive Heather back from her novel to dig deep at the origins of the game. Or maybe bring a new cast altogether. We will see if there is a Panic Season 2 coming.

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