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Spoilers & Preview: Pakistani Drama Laapata

laapata drama

Hum TV’s new coming of the age drama Laapata is already creating a small fanbase. The drama production of Pakistani dramas has changed a lot since its OTT presence. The new storylines are solely based on the new generation having an option of career and not just marriage. The scene of the fights between in-laws and the bride is also changing into the bride to be making her own decisions. Same with the drama produced by MD production, Laapata focuses on the new-gen people trying to find what they actually want to do with their lives.

The drama “Laapata” is full of a star cast with a promising storyline. With Ali Rehman Khan playing the role of Shamz, Ayeza Khan playing the role of Geeti, and Sarah Khan playing the role of Falak. The role of the father of Shamz and Falak is played by Akbar Islam and Khalifa Sajeeruddin. While the mother of the two is being played by Munazzah Arif and Rabia Noreen. The show is being directed by Khizar Idrees. Khizar has a big name in the TV daily soaps industry with some gems like Tajdeed e Wafa, Sang-e-Mar Mar, Mor Mahal, etc.

What Is The Laapata Drama About?

The show begins by focusing on three youngsters belonging to the same families. The trio of Geeti, Shamz, and Falak. Three of them are different from each other, and three of them have different dreams. Where Shamz wants to be a millionaire. Geeti and wants to be famous and live a happy life with a handsome dude. And Falak wants to take up her father’s job in Railways while she plays badminton for fun but actually is good at it. The twist is that there is love booming between Shamz and Falak while Geeti is trying to third wheel them.

The show opened up with falling lights on what all of them do in their lives and to join the contexts of the mysterious teasers we got from the show. Being in love with Falak, Shamz is dreaming about them getting married and owning a car and going for luxury vacations. While Geeti is a social media influencer and has a million followers on her TikTok account. And since Falak is done with her University exams, she is spending her time playing badminton and even excelling at it.

laapata drama

Falak, Shamz, And Geeti; Fighting On The Roof As Geeti Threatens To Reveal Their Relationship To Their Parents.

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A Look At The Characters

Geeti is the star of the drama “Laapata”. Kind of being bored with her life and wanting to marry asks her boyfriend Shahid, but he denies that his family doesn’t like her because she posts videos on TikTok. Sick of all the excuses, she asks him to run away to Multan with her. Saying that once they will have kids and get settled, their families will accept them. The next day he did come to at on their plan but leaves before getting on the train cause he gets a call saying his sister ran away with her lover. Leaving Geeti all alone on the station in distress.

The show also focuses on the life of Shamz. How he wants to get rich as soon as possible and helps his house financially. The story focusing on him leaving the shops with his friend and going to gamble. Winning the small games and getting a gift for Falak. Other than that, he also does his best to protect Falak from the bad guys on the road. Falak is her own person and is everybody’s favorite. She is good at studies and at sports. She knows when to be subtle and when to speak up and make her stand. Falak is not afraid to fight for what she wants.

The show also focuses on the families of the youngsters. As they are going through personal or financial problems. Parents especially play an important role in the lives of their children. As they are the decision-makers. From the look of the last episode, it seems like Falak’s father is going to be very important as her lover is on the line.

There is also a secret character that is going to take the lead further in the show. But for now, to avoid spoilers, we are going to keep them a secret!

laapata drama

Shamz Gifting Falak With The Money He Made Through Gambling.

What Happened In Episode 2?

Episode 2 begins with a scene from childhood where Shamz is trying to tell Falak that he likes her. But she pays him no attention. Cut to today when they are madly in love with each other and want to get married. Geeti being in her dream world, already tries to run away with Shahid to Multan but fails.

While everybody thinks Shamz is at his father’s shop, he runs away with his friend ‘Logic’ to gamble. His father knows he is up to something dangerous. On the second day, even Falak catches him leaving the shop. On being asked about the money, he lies about him investing in the business. At the place where he gambles and always wins, he gets the offer from the boss. Saying that he will invest 2 million bucks if he is willing to play a game of the bigger hand.

At Falak’s house, her mother is worried about his son-in-law losing his job and her daughter barely surviving. While for Falak, she gets an opportunity to play qualifications match for badminton if she can devote more time to practice. But on her bad side, Geeti is now thinking to ask Shamz to marry her. Her constantly trying to get in between Shamz and Falak leaves her on Falak’s bad side. Even Falak herself telling her to back off. As Geeti tries to blackmail both Falak and Shamz about their secret relationship.

How Did The Reveal Go?

Threatening that she will tell their parents about the ongoing situation. Taking a stand for herself and her relationship, Falak tells her to get off of their faces. Saying that she will talk to her parents herself. As Geeti is shocked at her sudden outburst, Falak and Shamz go to their parents to talk about them wanting to marry. On one side, Shamz’s family is happy as Falak is the idol daughter-in-law, but Falak’s father seems confused considering Falak wanted to study and take up his position in the Railways. To confirm his doubt, his elder daughter also talks about her situation that she doesn’t want Falak to struggle financially or socially. As she has the potential to be a govt official, why would she marry a man who doesn’t have a secured future or even a present?

laapata drama

The Ending Scene Of Episode 2: The Decision Of Falak’s Father.

Thinking about the time when Shamz’s father talked to him about Shamz leaving the shop with his friends. Including the thought of him not being on the right path. Falak’s father denies their relationship and refuses to agree to their marriage.

When Is The New Episode Coming?

The new episode of the Laapata drama will premier on August 4. The episode will be telecasted on the Hum TV app and website along with the Hum TV Youtube Channel. Within four days of release, the show has a viewership of 3 million online already. The new episode will continue from where it left off i.e. Falak’s father denying the relationship of his daughter with Shamz. The production team released a teaser for the third episode. The teaser hinted that Shamz might start working for the sake of his possible marriage. We can also hear Falak asking him to work and settle a bit till the time she is studying. So her father can agree to the marriage.

But with the possible twist and turns that can take place in the movie, we do have some possible guesses. There might be a chance that Geeti might make a move and ask his family to marry her to Shamz as she is coming in between him and Falak. And with the big offer in the hands of Shamz to gamble. That gives him a huge sum of money in return but with a much higher risk. To prove himself, Shamz might take the risk.

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