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What To Expect From Painter Of The Night Season 3?

Painter Of The Night Season 3
Painter Of The Night

Painter of the Night is A comic based on the traditional BL (boys love) style. Byeonduck is the author and illustrator of the comicUnder Lezhin Comics, it was published. Chapter one of the book was uploaded on May 14, 2019. Chapters 1 to 44 make up the first season. Additionally, on July 24, 2020, the second season was released. It consists of 32 chapters.

The story begins with Na-Kyum and Seungho as the protagonist. Na-Kyum is an incredibly talented young painter. The erotic images he creates features men. Despite publishing a few collections under a pseudonym. He decides that he will no longer paint. An immigrant nobleman named Seungho enters his life. The paintings Baek Na-Kyum was making catch Yoon Seungho’s attention. When Seungho finds him, he says he is not the painter. Seungho then strikes his assistant for lying, with a katana sword. Na-Kyum loses consciousness. Seungho takes him to his residence. Also, he takes care of him.
The second time, Seungho inquires again if he is a painter. Na-Kyum denies it with tears in his eyes. However, Seungho wants him to stay. And asked him to paint him with others in the act.  As a hell-raiser infamous for his insatiable lust, Na-Kyum is finally forced by Seungho to become his personal artist. But the nights that Na-Kyum faces are beyond his imaginations.
Painter Of The Night Season 3

Seungho and Na-Kyum

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release Date

Recently, the second season of the webtoon Painter of the Night ended. If we talk about the third season release date. According to writers, the third season is set to premiere in August. Undoubtedly, it will only be a matter of days until this happens.

If we talk about the last chapter of Painter of the night. There is a search in the village for No-Name. Subsequently, Yoon Seungho arrives at that point. And villagers bows to him. As Seungho watches Na-Kyum shaking like a leaf. He believes that this is the result of fear. Na-Kyum tells to free him, believing it was someone else. Whereas smiling Seungho informs him it is he, and he relaxes and embraces him. Meanwhile, No-Name, Lee Jihwa, and Min head to a storeroom. A meeting was held between them. Also, Their plans are discussed for the future steps. The last episode of season 2 ends here.

If we discuss what to expect from season 3. Then the author has not released any update or theory yet. While several fan theories have been released by the fans. Especially, due to the upcoming release of the third season. Perhaps the author will update a bit about it. It would be a few days before the chapter is released. You can also read its previous seasons on Lezhin.

Characters In Painter Of The Night

Baek Na-Kyum , After being abandoned by his parents. Kisaeng raised him in his house. He was a talented painter. And also painted erotic-themed art under a pseudonym. He gave up that to become a drunk. The more he gets to know Seungho, the more he feels nobles are just in appearance.

Yoon Seungho, As the eldest of the Yoon family. He holds a special role in the family. His interest in Na-Kyum’s paintings prompts him. So he seeks him out after hearing about him. Additionally, As he describes himself. That he is impatient and can be extremely violent.

Jung In-hun is a poet. He is identified as a way for Seungho to control Na-Kyum. Also, he is a Literature teacher. Seungho has everything In-hun lacks. in terms of a large home, several servants, a name of power and influence. And also an abundance of wealth In-hun couldn’t possibly do without.

Seung-won is known as the younger master. Before visiting his elder brother in person, he sends Seungho a letter. Despite the servant’s protests, Seung-won informs Seungho that their father’s condition has deteriorated.

Mumyeong is also known as “No Name Assassin”. A street beggar who also works for hire as an assassin. Clearly, goes by his name. His long hair and bulky physique are hidden by his mask and cloak. As his plan to capture Na-Kyum takes time, he occupies himself with being intimate with a woman while he waits.

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