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Pages Leaked From The ‘Attack On Titan’ Manga, Eren’s Grave?

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The 'Attack On Titan' Manga, C(Kodansha Publications)

As it is already known. the Japanese manga comic series named ‘Attack On Titan’ has been written and illustrated by the great Hajime Isayama. The ‘Attack On Titan’ manga comic series began printing in the ‘Monthly Bessatsu Shonen Magazine’, created by Kodansha, back in 2009. As of 2021, the ‘Attack On Titan’ manga comic series has been segregated into thirty separate volumes by Kodansha. A few pages of the 34th volume of the manga comic series have been leaked!  Due to immense popularity, the ‘Attack On Titan’ manga comic series was accompanied by a bunch of spin-off manga comic series and novels. They were titled ‘Attack on Titan: Junior High’, ‘Attack on Titan: Before the Fall’, ‘Attack on Titan: No Regrets’, ‘Spoof on Titan’, and lastly ‘Attack on Titan: Lost Girls’.

Furthermore, the ‘Attack On Titan’ manga comic series was adapted into an animated television and web series of the same title. The chapters of the manga comic series have been published, worldwide, on a bunch of online platforms. The fans are extremely hyped up and excited for the next and the 34th volume of the ‘Attack On Titan’ manga comic series to get releases, especially now since the audience has already been giving a preview of the volume. Yes, you heard it right. A few extra pages from the 139th and the final chapter of the ‘Attack On Titan’ manga comic series have been circulated, worldwide, before the 34th volume got published.

What do the leaks indicate?

The pages that have been leaked showcase the last few pages of the 34th volume of the ‘Attack On Titan’ manga comic series. To be more precise, the pages from the 139th chapter have been leaked. Here is what we have interpreted from the given pictures.

Warning – read further at your own risk since this article!

1. Mikasa’s possible future family

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The first image displayed above shows how the character of Mikasa is visiting the grave of her late lover, Eren. Along with her, one can see how there is man and child. The fans and readers are coming up with various theories and conclusions. It is believed that the man in the picture is Jean, due to the similarity in the hairstyle. If we look carefully at the second picture, we can see a child and a dog. The child looks quite a lot like Mikasa and is even dressed like her, with a scarf around his neck. The child seems to be Mikasa and Eren’s offspring. The trio looks like a happy, loving family.

The next observation that we have made is that the top left corner of the second image also depicts the death of Mikasa. She laying down in her grave while wearing Eren’s scarf. This simply indicates that she will always keep Eren in her heart. Wherever she goes, the thought of Eren will always be there on her mind. Even though she has chosen to marry someone else, her love is still faithful to her one true beloved, Eren.

2. The After-Effects Of The War

The image above depicts how Paradis Island has been completely destroyed and demolished because of the war which took place between the inhabitants of the island and the evil Titans. Everything has been ruined to pieces. Even the tall and strong buildings have been broken down and there is devastation all over the place.

You can view the other pages of the 139th chapter of the ‘Attack On Titan’ manga comic series, right here:

The last image depicted above says “The End” in Japanese, in the bottom left corner. Therefore, it confirms that this where the great story of ‘Attack On Titan’ ends.

Where can you read the upcoming chapters of the manga?

The upcoming chapters of the ‘Attack On Titan’ manga comic series will be available for you to read on online platforms and websites such as Crunchyroll, Kodansha.

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