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Pachinko Episode 7 Release Date: Sunja Gives Birth To Baby Noa

pachinko episode 7
Pachinko Epsiode Release Date [Apple]

The release of Pachinko Episode 7 is not too long now, and with the power-packed previous episode, the viewers can’t wait for the next installment anymore. Viewers finally know how Solomon is related to Hana – Hana is the child of Etsuko from her previous marriage. Etsuko is the Japanese woman Mozasu (Sunja’s child with Isak) has been dating. We get glimpses of the tumultuous yet passionately romantic relationship that Solomon and Hana had during their childhood, and how a small shoplifting incident changes the course of their lives forever as Mozasu makes Solomon leave for America.

Viewers also find out about the sorry current circumstances of Hana, who contracted AIDS after Solomon left for America (in 1989, at the height of the AIDS pandemic). Both her mother Etsuko and an elderly Sunja visit Hana in the hospital. We find out through the interaction between Hana and Sunja that it was the misrepresentation of the latter’s statements that compelled Hana to feel undesired in their household and run away. Sunja had told Hana that it’s good that he was sent to America, since staying with them could ruin his life. But in reality, Sunja considered herself to be the potential cause of Solomon’s life being ruined, alluding to the tragic fate of her first-born, Noa. Viewers are anxious to find out about the life-story of Noa now, and in this article, we will be informing readers about the release date of Pachinko Episode 7.

Pachinko Recap

Sunja’s brother-in-law Yoseb feels enraged that the women of the house paid of his debts, and he demands to know from his wife Kyun Hee whether she even considers him the head of the house anymore – because, according to him, their actions just announced the same fact to the world. Moreover, Yoseb refuses to believe that Sunja got the sold watch from her mother who ran a boarding house for poor fishermen (and it is true, since the watch was gifted to her by Koh Hansu), and leaves the house in anger to go to the local bar. It is then that Sunja’s water breaks prematurely.


Hana, Sunja, and Etsuko.

Sunja starts to give birth in the house with the help of her sister-in-law Kyung Hee and an old neighbor who claims to know her way around birth-giving because she had plenty of experience giving birth to pigs. Meanwhile, Kyun Hee tells Isak to go find his brother who had run off to the bar, where the Japanese policemen barge in unannounced to do a routine inspection, choosing their victims randomly.

As Isak and Yoseb manage to leave, Isak warns his brother not to insult Sunja anymore, since he neither knows about her dire circumstances nor does he know how she makes Isak feel like his life too has meaning. He tells Yoseb that he wants his child to have a life where he can thrive and not quiver (under Japanese rule).

pachinko episode 7

Solomon and Hana.

As the pair reach home, they find the new baby has finally arrived in their house. Sunja and Baek Isak ask Yoseb to name the child as it is his duty as the “crown” of the family, and thus the baby is christened “Noa”.

pachinko episode 7

Isak and Yoseb with baby Noa.

Isak had a change in his heart about his opinions on the Japanese colonization and the dire situations of the Koreans sometime before as he talked to a rebellious drunkard teenage Korean at the request of the latter’s mother, and now it is evident that he is willing to do his bit so that his newborn doesn’t have to face the oppressive conditions the Japanese are subjecting them to. Meanwhile, Hansu lets go of his wife, telling her that Sunja did what she couldn’t: give birth to his son.

pachinko episode 7

Hansu (Lee Min Ho) and his wife.

Pachinko Episode 7 Release Date

Pachinko Episode 7 will release on 22nd April 2022 (Friday). Pachinko Episode 7 is titled “Chapter Seven” with a runtime of about 48 minutes. Pachinko Episode 7 will be the second last episode of Pachinko Season 1.

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Watch Pachinko Episode 7 Online – Streaming Details

Viewers can stream all the episodes of Pachinko released till date on the online streaming service Apple TV+. Go to the official page of the show here. With a multi-lingual script of the show, Apple TV+ is providing multiple subtitle options for viewers all over the world.

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