Pachinko Episode 4 Release Date: Sunja Refuses To Be Hansu’s Mistress

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Pachinko Episode 4

Pachinko Episode 4 is scheduled to release very soon now. In the first three episodes, we see that the television show Pachinko changed the way the story in the novel unfolds by jumping timelines between 1910 and 1989, giving us glimpses into how Sunja’s life has been progressing from her childhood to her teenage years and then old age. We saw in 1989, Solomon cunningly uses her grandma to convince a woman in Osaka to sell her house for a large sum of money. While Sunja and the woman share the grievances about their painful past, we also see that Solomon thinks that the Koreans not only live in their past but also burden the present generation with it.

Solomon is successful in buying the house from the Korean grandmother because, as it turns out, she and Sunja made a pact of going to their homeland Korea together. We also have to see if Sunja could fulfill her father’s advice of proving herself worthy by being able to take care of her offspring and stand by them if you have them. Meanwhile, Solomon also gets mysterious phone calls from Hana, who he was evidently very affectionate towards in his past. To know who Hana is (if you haven’t read the book already) and to see moving snippets of how the colonized Koreans lived through their suffering, we have to keep on watching the show, and we will let you know the release date of Pachinko Episode 4.

Pachinko Recap: Hansu Tells Sunja About His Dreams

When Sunja was a teenager, a wealthy fish broker from Osaka appeared in her town named Koh Hansu, who was not the kindest man but did pay the fishermen a fair price for their catch. Though initially wary of him and also envious of the extent how Hansu and the daughter of a rich Korean Jiyun are friendly with each other, Sunja eventually warms up to him after he saves her from a bunch of Japanese teenagers who tried to harass her.

Pachinko Episode 4
Sunja and Hansu in pachinko. [Apple TV]
Hansu made the racist Japanese teenagers (who went to the extent of insulting Sunja’s heritage, saying even her language sounds disgusting) grovel on the ground in apology to Sunja and threatened to feed their corpses to dogs if they tried to pull such stunts anymore. Eventually, Sunja and Hansu started meeting by the stream, where Sunja washed clothes and became emotionally and physically intimate.

Sunja and Hansu. [Apple TV]
Hansu was the one who introduced Sunja to the idea of the world that exists outside the economically broken Korea, where they can get everything from imported fruits to electricity all the time. Hansu also talked about how it was his dreams that pulled him out of extreme poverty and made him rich enough to travel all around the world.

Hansu & Sunja meet in the wood, an example of Pachinko’s beautiful cinematography. [Apple TV]
Hansu once told Sunja to throw away her loyalty to other people because no matter where they are from, humans are always rotten. Unfortunately, it was Hansu who gave Sunja an example of that when he not only refused to marry Sunja when she became pregnant but also accused her of seducing him for her own advantage. Also, Hansu revealed that he was already married to a woman in Osaka with whom he has three children and also that it was a “business” marriage with no affection.

Pachinko Episode 4
Baek Isak, a Christian pastor from Northern Korea. [Apple TV]
Eventually, a pastor from Northern Korea appears in Sunja’s family’s lodging. His name was Baek Isak, who had caught tuberculosis. He overheard the news of Sunja’s pregnancy when she was disclosing it to her mother and tried to help her out by giving her many options when they had lunch in a noodle shop.

Pachinko Episode 4 Release Date

Pachinko Episode 4 will release on 1st April 2022 (Friday). The Pachinko Episode 4 is titled “Chapter Four” and will have a runtime of 1 hour 1 minute long. The first three episodes of Pachinko have been released at the same time, and from now on, only one Episode of Pachinko will be released per week.

Pachinko Episode 4
Sunja’s cat in 1989, in Osaka. Multiple languages are used in the show. [Apple TV]

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Watch Pachinko Episode 4 Online – Streaming Details

The TV-show adaptation of Pachinko is exclusively streaming on the subscription-based streaming service Apple TV+. Go to the official page of the show here. The script of the show contains three languages, namely Korean, Japanese, and English. Of course, Apple TV+ is going to provide multiple subtitle options for their viewers from all over the world.

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