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Pachinko Episode 2 Release Date: Actress Kim Min Ha On Overcoming Her Anxiety On Set

pachinko episode 2
Pachinko's kim Min Ha

There is little to no time left for the release of Pachinko Episode 2, which fans all over the world are waiting for. Indeed, with a 100% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (from The press and critics who watched all eight episodes in advance), the interviews from the actors and other show-runners of Pachinko coming out every day till the release, it is impossible not to build the anticipation for the intergenerational tale of love and perseverance.

The television show Pachinko, adapted from the worldwide bestselling novel of the same name, examines the after-effects of colonization and immigration on different generations of a Zainichi (Koreans living in Japan) family. The show will also explore themes of the sufferings of survival during times of war and conflict, moving out of poverty, and intergenerational conflicts based on passing trauma and cultures to the young generations.

The show-runners and actors of Pachinko are expecting that more than anything, the show will provide the message for people going through adversities (be that due to historical conflicts or individual difficulties) that they are not alone in their suffering. Kim Min Ha, who we’re sure will become a household name post the worldwide release of Pachinko, is a newer face acting as the teenage Sunja in the show and has been seen romancing Hansu (played by Lee Minho) in the trailers. Let’s see what the actress Kim Min Ha revealed in the Apple TV ‘Pachinko’ online conference held on 18 March 2022 about her audition process, her experiences during the filming on-set, and her hopes for the show’s reception. We will also be talking about the release date of Pachinko Episode 2 in this article.

Actress Kim Min Ha On Her Experiences Filming ‘Pachinko’

On her audition process, Kim Min Ha reveals, “the total duration of my audition lasted for about three to four months. This kind of auditioning process was a first for me, where I was asked to act sometimes, and other times I was being interviewed. It was a great learning process. I put my soul out for being successful in this audition.”

About the working process during the filming of Pachinko, Kim Min Ha reveals, “The most nervousness I felt was during the first days of shooting. Both the directors, Justin and Kogonada, gave me the same advice – ‘be present in the moment and just breathe’. I am actually really shy as a person, and I have a small voice and talk to myself a lot. During Pachinko filming, I learned not only a lot about how to act out certain feelings but also how to find and loudly use my own voice.”

pachinko episode 2

Kim Min Ha as Sunja in a still from ‘Pachinko’ [photo: Apple]

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On why the whole shooting duration was precious for Min Ha: “There was not a day I didn’t learn about something new while shooting. I learned a lot about who I was as a person while playing the role of Sunja. That’s why the whole filming process is a valuable time for me.”

Expressing great pride about the whole body of work, Min Ja says, “The high expectations for the show did make me feel burdensome, but at the same time I was curious to see the critical reactions; I feel very relieved that I am receiving compliments and that Pachinko is being received so greatly.”

pachinko episode 2

Kim Min Ha posing during Apple TV ‘Pachinko’ online conference [photo: Apple]

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Pachinko Episode 2 Release Date

Pachinko Episode 2 will be released on 25 March 2022, along with Pachinko Episodes 1 and 3. Apple TV+ will be making use of their release schedule for the show Pachinko, where they have the first three Episodes aired on the same day. This helps to maximize viewer discussion and engagement, and we can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Watch Pachinko Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

The TV-show adaptation of Pachinko will be exclusively streaming on the subscription-based OTT service Apple TV+. Pachinko’s script is written in three languages, namely Korean, Japanese, and English. Viewers will be provided with multiple subtitle options along with each episode. Visit the official Apple TV+ page for Pachinko by clicking here.

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