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Ozark Season 4 Part 2: When Will it Come to Netflix?

ozark season 4
A still from Ozark

Fans have waited for long enough for the release date of Netflix’s Ozark Season 4! The good news for them is that part one of the two-part season finale has been released. The question is, when is there part 2 releasing, now? In September 2021, the fans were treated with the first look and trailer for season 4. The trailer depicted Marty and Wendy at Navarro’s apartment after the murder of Helen Pierce. The two of them were shown washing the deceased attorney’s entrails off their clothes. After that, a second look was released which showed a glimpse of the show and its impending doom.

While the fans are sad and upset that the show is going to end after four seasons, it is expected to end on a high note. Jason Bateman, the star of the series, promised in 2020 that the ending would not disappoint the fans and they would be left with a closure. Now, let us dive into the expected dates of Ozark Season 4 part 2, and much more!

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What Is Ozark About?

“Ozark” is based on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and is set in the realm of drugs and money laundering. The money-centric present-day drama is based on the sudden migration of Marty and Wendy and their family from the Chicago suburbs to a summer resort village in the Missouri Ozarks.

The first season basically is about how Ozark examines business, family dynamics, and survives through the viewpoint of Americans, rather than the typical skyscrapers and trading floors. In the second season, Ozark continues to follow the lives of Marty and Wendy Bryde as they negotiate the shady situations of life within a dangerous drug cartel.

ozark season 4 part 2

Jason Bateman in Ozark

The crime syndicate sends their attorney Helen Pierce to town to mess things up just as the protagonist’s family is settling down. Marty and Wendy struggle to reconcile their family’s interests in the midst of the growing dangers posed by their alliances. The stakes are far higher than the previous season and the family learns that they have to go all-in to get out of danger and save themselves.

A Recap Of Season 3: What To Remember Before The New Season

When Ben, the brother of Wendy, appears in season 3, the viewers felt he is the right kind of influence for the family. Charlotte and Jonah, children of Wendy and Marty, both were in need of a caring adult in their life and he seemed to be a fantastic uncle to them. Wendy was also excited after he entered their lives. Although, the viewers kind of feel sorry for Wendy’s brother as he is disturbed and suffers from Bipolar disorder.

Then there is Ben’s tumultuous relationship with Ruth. For three seasons, the viewers have seen Ruth give up everything for her cousin to have a better life. The viewers witnessed her doing something for herself only after she started dating Ben. This did not last though.

ozark season 4

Ben in Ozark

Ben is shown to be unpredictable and unpredictable people don’t get along with dangerous cartels. In this season, Ben informed Helen’s daughter that her mother was working for some terribly bad and dangerous guys. After that, Wendy was given a choice by Helen. Wendy could either vote to have Ben assassinated before he caused any more harm to the cartel, or she, Ben, and the rest of her family would be slain by someone. Wendy made an obvious but tough call. Ben was assassinated on the orders of his sister.

How Did Ruth Take Ben’s Death?

Ruth was obviously distraught and broke when she realized Ben had died. She thought it was the cartel who killed her lover so she had some closure from her end. Season 3 showed viewers that Ruth is smart. When cartels arrive in town, she understands people will be killed. Although, her tone and demeanor change once she gets to know Wendy is the one who had Ben killed.

ozark season 4

Ruth in Ozark

Ruth quits working for Marty and Wendy when she realizes what these people are capable of doing. She pays Helen and makes it obvious that she did not blame Helen or the cartel for Ben’s murder. This was a smart gesture that demonstrated Ruth’s true understanding of cartel business. Helen is shown to be unfazed and asks Ruth if she is willing to return and work for the cartel. Ruth agrees.

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Who Is The Lagunas Cartel?

If there is one cartel and the enemy the main cartel can not shoot, it is the Lagunas Cartel. The fact that the Kansas City mob was collaborating with the Lagunas Cartel became clear in Season 3, complicating Marty’s negotiations with Frank Cosgrove. Marty, on the other hand, put an end to all of the issues.

ozark season 4

A still from Ozark

Marty presented FBI agent Maya Miller photographs of an illicit business deal the Lagunas Cartel engaged in using drone footage his kid shot. If a Mexican cartel is detected committing a crime on American soil, the US military has the authority to take action against the group.

Some key members of the Lagunas Gang were captured and arrested. The cartel was placed under FBI investigation as a whole, and Marty and Wendy were hailed as the Navarro Cartel’s greatest heroes.

Does Helen Die?

Helen suggested to Ruth that the Byrde family be removed entirely. She later raised her concerns with Omar Navarro and requested that all money laundering operations be turned over to her. Navarro didn’t refuse, but he also didn’t say yes. We see later that a hitman named Nelson shoots Helen in the face after she steps out of her car. Now, Marty and Wendy are on the top as they wanted to be.

Cast Of Ozark

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney reprise their roles as Bydre parents. Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner reprise their roles as Charlotte and Jonah. Lisa Emery, Charlie Tahan, Kevin L. Johnson also return as regulars seen in previous seasons.

Julia Garner has received two Primetime Emmy Awards for her role as Ruth Langmore and she will be playing the role of the same this season too. Damian Young, a recurring character in Season 2 and 3, will be joining the main cast playing the role of Jim Rattelsdorf. A pivotal role, Omar Navarro, in this season will be played by Felix Solis.

ozark season 4 part 2

The main cast of Ozark

The final season is going to feature some new cast members. Private detective Mel Sattem is going to be played by Adam Rothenberg. Carter member Javi Elizonndro will be played by Alfonso Herrera. In smaller roles, the viewers will see Bruno Bichir, Katrina Lenk, Eric Ladin, Bruce Davison, Veronica Falcón, and Ali Stroker as they will be joining the cast.

Ozark Season 4 Trailer

The trailer for season 4 has been released in its entirety. Before this, there were bits released as trailers and new looks. In the first half of Season 4, we will see Marty and Wendy encountering some grave threats, as shown in the trailer.

The trailer also depicts a number of action-packed scenes, including car wrecks, fights, and the exchange of great threats. This trailer gives us the best look at the upcoming episodes. It makes us wonder if our favorite characters will make it out alive.

What To Expect From Ozark Season 4?

What is expected from season 4 is that more on Ruth and her decision to break ties and connections with the Bydres will be shown. How are things going to pan out for her, Darlene, and the KC Mob? Along with that, Season 4 could potentially focus on Wendy’s decision to let her brother Ben die and the consequences for her and the rest of the family, in particular, Jonah, who was devastated by his uncle’s death. It is still unclear what will happen exactly in season four but there are plenty of unfinished plots to pick up. The biggest question is “Will karma hit the Bydre family?”

Ozark season 4

A still from Ozark

A lot of users have speculated that Wendy and Marty will eventually die in season four along with a number of other cast members. Despite being compared to Breaking Bad, it is unlikely that the main leads would die in Ozark though. One of the main writers of the show Mundy explained how everyone expects an ending like that of Breaking Bad but he has assured the fans that their intention is to end the show differently, from the very beginning.

When Is Ozark Season 4 Part 2 Releasing?

Ozark will be releasing the fourth season of it in two parts. Part one of the season premiered on 21st January 2022. The seven episodes are now uploaded on Netflix. The second half of the season is planned to be released later this year but no tentative dates have been released.

The first three seasons had 10 episodes each but the fourth season will have 14 episodes together! Seven more episodes will be released in part two.

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