Ozark Season 3: Will Ruth Langmore Return?

Ozark has been on the spotlight since the premiere of the show. There is really a lot of crime drama series available, but Ozark has been loved totally different, as it is extraterrestrial. Now the love might be due to certain factors, one of them could be Ruth Langmore, as she is one of the best characters on the show, as well as on the television right now. Now, as we all know that Ozark season 2 was released recently, fans are deliberately waiting for Ozark season 3.

Ozark Season 3: Will Ruth Langmore Return?

First of all, one burning question arises, that beloved character Ruth will be back or not? It is actually too early to predict, because as we all know that there no confirmation whether there will be a third season of Ozark or not. Most probably, we will be receiving the third installment of Ozark series as there is a lot left to tell from the story. But Netflix will not announce anything until they have analyzed the show insights and response from fans and critics.

Let us consider that we will receive the third season (we are pretty sure that it will be the case), what will be the main things that we should eye for? The first question is will Ruth be back or not? She is a 19-year-old girl hailing from a local crime family and tries to take revenge for her father’s death from Byrdes. She is working for Marty, even though they had a rough start, they settled at the end of the last season. Ruth only wants to get hands on Marty’s money, as she can take revenge on her father.

We have no confirmation on Ruth’s return, but if she returns, she will be a threatening call for Byrdes. Ruth gets to know that Wendy was the main delinquent person, and she might even kill her as she is seeking revenge at any cost. Wendy herself confessed to Marty that she was the one behind Ruth’s father Cade Langmore’s death. So, we can conclude for this that even if Ruth returns, she will be one of the main antagonists of the show!

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