Ozark Season 3: What We Know

Spoiler Alert: the following article contains spoilers from the second season of the show. You have been warned.

Ozark whose second season released today has become the talk of the town. The first season already released to critical acclaim and the second season too followed suit with strong and favorable reviews, and if that is any indication, the series will most probably be renewing for a third season.

The second season has a pretty impressive score on Metacritic and more than 70% approval rating on rotten tomatoes as of now. It was one of the most highly anticipated shows of 2018. And no doubt so will be the third season of the show for which as of now there has been no official announcement. But it really is a no-brainer. Ozark is proving itself to be one of the crown jewels of Netflix.

Ozark Season 3 Release Date

The show revolves around the Byrde family who move from Chicago to the Ozarks after a money laundering scheme by Marty, portrayed by Jason Bateman goes askew.

Ozark is a crime drama which in many ways resembles Breaking Bad, a darling of the Silver Screen. In both the shows, the protagonists are immersed in a life of crime.

The first season’s finale saw Byrdes arrange to launder money through a riverboat casino with help from drug dealers and the Mexican Cartel.

The second season focuses on Marty’s relationship with his wife, portrayed by Laura Linney. Their relationship dynamics are electric, and it undergoes many tests, the most prominent being in episode seven. Everyone has their moment in the second season. From the Byrde children to the FBI agent and the bartender who fled away with the cash. Many new characters are introduced, like Ruth Langmore’s father, portrayed as a sadistic villain by Trevor Long.

The second season also sees the new addition of Janet McTeer to the cast. She portrayed an attorney Helen Pierce, with links to cartels. McTeer is known for her roles in Me Before You and Woman in Black. The show has too many white-collar villains. And a lot of violence which the show seems to carry well. Though at times it feels like a bit of a drag, it still comes out as a propulsive thriller. The second season is as addictive and maddening as ever.

Now coming to the third season, it is also expected to continue the tradition of 10 episode, and since the second season did not witness the deaths of any major character in the Byrde family, they are expected to return in the third season.

There is definitely no denying the fact that the show created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams is here to stay and is not going anywhere for a while. Enough spoilers have been revealed already. Rest assured, the return Ozark is as certain as the sun rising from the east. As for the release dates and other news about the third season, which we have established will surely happen, yours truly will keep you informed.

The first Season was released in July 2017 and the second was released on August 31, 2018. So the third season is also expected to release around the same time.

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