Ozark Season 3 On Netflix – Cast And Spoilers

The second season of the crime drama Ozark released just last month and fans already want more. Who can blame them? The show has that effect on people. The series has received widespread critical claim and has been loved by the audiences as well. In fact, it is being touted as the worthy successor of Breaking Bad.

The show chronicles the journey or rather the escape of the Byrne family from Chicago to Ozarks after a money laundering scheme by Marty goes awry. The first season’s finale saw Marty arranging to launder money through a riverside casino. And then in the second season, Marty earns the wrath of the mob when he goes back on his deal. And they respond by blowing up his office.

The show could give us the horror of horrors in the third season by killing Marty off. But then again, Jason Bateman is the most important guy on the show. He might just live to tell the tale. But all signs point to a mega confrontation with the mob in Season 3.

The second season saw the introduction of attorney Helen Pierce to the cast portrayed by Janet McTeer. McTeer has acted in many famous movies including Women in Black and Me Before You. Also, Ruth Langmore’s villain father played by Trevor Long was introduced. So the third season is expected to have some new characters as well.

Ozark Season 3 Release Date

Though as of this moment, Netflix has not made any official commitments, if show writer Chris Mundy is to be believed, the show could potentially have five seasons.

“You never want to do more [episodes] if you’re running out of the story, but we think five’s a good length of time to tell these people’s stories,” he said in an interview. The third season is expected to be soon confirmed by Netflix and will probably release around July-August next year. It will contain ten episodes.

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