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Oxenfree Ending Explained: The Guilt Trip That May Never End


Well, the endings for stories go one way or two way, but here in Oxenfree, there are multiple. Plus, you will find responsible for each to be crafted. That’s how the game’s narrative works. That’s what the developers at Night School Studio always aimed at when they wanted to give this horror story this experience. So in case you are still lost with what happened during your gameplay for Oxenfree. Probably interested to know how the game works. Well, no worries, here we are covering Oxenfree, and its ending explained.

We will start off right from the basic storyline of the game. Establishing the world of the game and what every character means to the main character, which the player will be picking up. The history of the place the game is set in. Then also the conflict that began what seems like a time loop for the player and races against time to save their friends from the evil ghosts of USS. Then we will take a look at what exactly happens when you make your right choices to a typical ending.

Oxenfree Storyline Of The Game

Oxenfree sees the player picking the character of Alex. She is stuck in a time loop that sees her spending the same night where lost ghosts of a Sunken Submarine are haunting her friends to take over their bodies. The game opens with Alex traveling on a ferry with step-brother Jonas and best friend Ren to party and celebrate the senior year at Edward Island. An old military base where once Maggie Adler lived alone until she passed away recently.

What Is Oxenfree's Story?

From Oxenfree Featuring The Characters Of Alex, Jonas, Ren, Nona, and Clarissa

Not many come to the party due to the fact the cops catching most of them the other day. So we only have Clarissa, Alex’s deceased brother’s ex-girlfriend, and Alex’s love interest Nona. During their stay on the island, Alex encourages them to try a phenomenon that can happen with the right frequency on the radio. They execute it successfully and are teleports them underwater to see an old submarine USS Kanaloa implode after the friendly fire.

The next day, the duo wakes up at Warden tower and finds everyone lost. They radio their friends and learn that they are in different locations on the island. Ren in the woods. Clarissa is an old military base. So following this, the player keeps choosing the option appropriate for him/her until the game ends as you also fight the ghosts of the USS.

Oxenfree Ending Explained

So here is the thing, the player can end by sacrificing Alex and letting her stay in the time loop forever. The second option is probably to sacrifice one of the other characters and most probably Clarrissa, her dead brother’s ex-girlfriend, to the ghosts. But the thing is, no matter what you choose, you end up restarting the loop altogether.

Endings of Oxenfree

From the gameplay of Oxenfree Featuring The Characters Of Alex, Jonas, Ren, Nona, and Clarissa

You can choose to change the past, present, and all. There are around eight ways where you choose and change the way the game ends. Plus, where your friends end up. Instead of having two, three, or a limited number of endings, there are many to choose from. Mostly it works on what you feel about the other characters when you are not able to save one of the individuals or himself/herself.

There is another version of the ending which comes in the post-credit scene. Here a version of Alex already stuck in the loop contacts another version of hers before the loop. She warns her to not to get on the island, which can change everything around. But at the same time, one of the other versions of Alex is bound to be stuck in the loop.

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The Story Of Maggie Adler

Maggie Adler, the inhabitant of the Elder Island who recently died. She was once one of the radio communications operators and one of the few people who knew about USS Kanaloa. Also, the reason behind it imploding and sinking. On one of her duties, the radio equipment malfunctioned, and she called in for help and requested for scout and bomb. She forgot there are only a few people who know about USS Kanaloa, and thus the ship was accidentally bombed.

Maggie Alder's Story From Oxenfree

Sample Letters Of Maggie Alder From Oxenfree

So the notes that appear throughout the story reveals Alex finds herself responsible for the deaths of thousands. When she hears ghosts calling her on the radio, she with the help of her friend Ana plans to find a way to bring them back. But when ghosts turn violent, Ana finds herself trapped in a loop, with Maggie finding more guilt on her side.

The same blame and guilt are carried out for the players and Alex throughout the story. Each decision is designed in a way that says anything happens to Alex’s friends, she is responsible for it. The game has a good ending, but Alex can never have a happy ending. So players have to accept that fact. That’s all for the ending of Oxenfree.

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