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When To Expect Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Featured

Overwatch 2 was announced with its cinematic trailer way back in 2019 at Activision’s event. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the sequel of the very popular Overwatch, which was launched in 2016. In their latest event, i.e., the BlizzCon 2021, Blizzard has given some good hints about how the game would be. There was a full 40-minute presentation of the game where every new thing and update things were discussed in short.

But wait, do you even know what the Overwatch game series is about? No? let me tell you. If we talk about the plot, it is set in the future where robots are smart enough to compete with humans for their rights. As their terror increases, nations start coming out with different plans in order to stop them. The UN decides to form a team of elite soldiers who would take on these terrorizing robots, also called “Omnics,” to save mankind. Overwatch is more about PvP rather than PvE. But according to the developers, Overwatch 2 will be focused more on the story mode(PvE). How? and what more can we expect from this game? Let’s find it out below.

Overwatch 2 Cover


As said above, Blizzard Games are planning to make Overwatch 2 more PvE centered rather than PvP. For that, they are bringing you two different kinds of PvE modes, a story mode and a Hero mission. The story mode will take you through a single-player campaign which would be a continuation of the first game’s story.

In Hero missions, players will go up against a number of bot enemies, which will come at you one after another, and with your hero, you have to kill em all. If you have played Overwatch, then this would be familiar to you as such a concept has been used in seasonal events of the game. Inside Hero missions, there will be different kinds of modes like ‘Kill Quest’, ‘Scavenger Hunt’, and ‘Wall of Death. Since this game mode is about your ‘Hero’, character customization plays a major role in succeeding in this mode. Every character will have three sets of skill trees from where you can select and combine to use different types of skill-sets. This will be fun as players will experiment with all kinds of combos and try to find the perfect fit to excel in Hero missions.

There is also a new addition in the PvP mode. This new game mode will be called ‘Push’ mode. It is basically an escort mission where one team has to carry a payload from one point to another while the other team has to stop them from doing it. The difference is, instead of a teammate carrying the payload, there will be a robot who would do that task for you. All the players just have to focus on defending the payload.

Overwatch 2 is a different game. This won’t be like Fortnite’s season 2 update. But, players playing Overwatch will come across players playing Overwatch 2 in PvP matches. Not only PvP matches but even the skins of the heroes will be carried forward in the second installment of this game. Every PvP game mode on Overwatch will be available on Overwatch 2, except 2CP. So both the games will be compatible with each other.

Overwatch 2 push

Maps and Characters

Overwatch has great visually pleasing maps for PvP mode. The same is the case with the upcoming Overwatch 2. Currently, there are 6 confirmed maps for the game. They are Gothenburg, Rome, New York, Rio De Janerio, Toronto, and Monte Carlo. Talking about new characters, then there is one confirmed new character for this game. The new hero is Sojourn. We got a glimpse of her in the event and everyone is very excited to play with this cool new hero in Overwatch 2. There is a small clip below where you can see her in action. Her weapon i.e, the Railgun looks very powerful, but accuracy might be the key here because, before every shot, there is some charging time.

There are more heroes to come, but all of them are expected to be released along with the game. The developers also said that till the launch of Overwatch 2, there wouldn’t be any addition to the roster of Overwatch. So Echo was the last addition to Overwatch.

No more Loot Boxes?

Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch 2, has mentioned in his interview that they are looking to find a new alternative to Loot Boxes. Loot Boxes have been going on for years, and there have been a lot of modifications in it to make it fun and interesting. But now, it looks like the developers are in for a change. The other option which we could see instead of it is Battle Pass. Even Jeff likes the idea of Battle Pass, but there isn’t a surety that they will implement that in the game. We may have loot boxes, or we may not have them. No one knows what’s in store for the gamers except Jeff Kaplan.

Overwatch 2 Release Date

Now that we have covered everything we know about the upcoming Overwatch title. Let us reveal its release date. Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 is not coming in 2021. Just like almost every other game, Overwatch has also taken a toll due to the pandemic. There have been some financial issues too. So there is a long wait before Overwatch 2. Till then, enjoy the first game of this multiplayer fps and have fun.

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