Overlord Season 3 Episode 13 – The Sorcerer King

There was no war, only massacre,  in the latest episode of Overlord season 3. The Re-Estize Kingdom’s army was almost wiped out with most of the nobles dying in the massacre. Even the Baharuth Empire had some casualties (not seen in the anime, but is stated in the light novel) because of Ainz’ Dark Youngs. In Overlord Season 3 episode 13, the aftermath of this war will be revealed.

Overlord Season 3 Episode 13 – The Finale

It is sad to say that we’re already in the last episode of this season. Episode 12 does not really meet the expectation of some of the fans, with the episode being littered with CGI of soldiers and Dark Youngs. It’s even made worse when 2D and CGI images merged together in one scene. It kinda makes you feel like you’re watching a cutscene of some old games. I gotta give it to Mare and her “Sasuga Ainz-sama” which kind of saved the episode.

Overlord Season 3 episode 13 will feature Ainz and Gazef’s “duel”. But before they start, Gazef will ask Ainz if Brain and Climb can become witnesses to the duel. Of course, Ainz will permit it, but he will also ask Gazef if he can get his sword, the Razor Edge when the duel is over. Ainz will say himself that the sword is one of the few things that can hurt him.

With Climb’s signal, the duel officially starts, and the duel will begin and Gazef will be the first one to make an attack. However, before he can react to anything, Ainz will cast a powerful time delay spell around them to stop the time. He will then cast instant death to Gazef and the Head Warrior died instantly. Even Climb and Brain cannot understand what happened because they only saw Gazef falling to the ground, dead.

Overlord III Episode 12

The season will end with Ainz being the ruler of a new country and proclaiming himself as Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. He now rules over E-Rantel, with his Momon persona making sure that no one from the city will initiate a rebellion. And that’s it for Overlord season 3. Hopefully, we will see another season soon.

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