Overlord Season 3 Episode 13 – Ainz’ Greatest Weakness – Where To Stream And Spoilers

It’s time for the last episode of Overlord Season 3. The climax nears its ending, and we’re heading to the conclusion of the season. In Overlord season 3 episode 13, Ainz and Gazef is about to duel for the last time. In this duel, it will be revealed that even a compelling being like Ainz have a weakness.

Overlord Season 3 Episode 13 – Gazef’s Trump Card

Gazef Stronoff challenged Ainz in a duel even though there’s only a thin chance that he can beat the sorcerer. Even Ainz is shocked because Gazef will reveal that he himself is not convinced that he can win against Ainz. Is it the last suicidal act from the strongest warrior of the Re-Estize Kingdom? It turns out that Gazef mastered the strongest single attack created by Vestia Croft Di Lofan. He’s planning to use that against Ainz in hope to hurt him. Brain is thinking that that was the reason why Gazef challenged Ainz in the first place. He has something under his sleeves.

But Gazef is not aware that he actually wields one of the few things that can kill Ainz. Before the battle starts, Ainz will ask Gazef to hand over his sword for him to inspect. Gazef will hand the Razor Edge to Ainz, and it will be revealed that this sword can kill Ainz and that Gazef only knows a fraction of its real power. Gazef refused to give the sword to Ainz after his defeat.

Overlord III Episode 13

At Climb’s signal, Gazef started to charge to Ainz, but as he began to swing his sword, he dropped down slowly. Ainz caught him before he touched the ground. It is revealed that before Gazef can even touch him, Ainz stopped the time and cast Instant Death. Before the spell activated, he will tell Gazef that he never hated him.

After the war, Ainz is now the new ruler of E-Rantel. When Albedo and the others marched in the city, a boy tried to disturb the parade. Albedo is about to kill the boy when Momon stopped her. He then asks the people of E-Rantel not to make any effort for rebellion for his sake. After that, E-Rantel became a peaceful town under Ainz’ rule. And that’s it for the season 3 of Overlord. Madhouse hasn’t released any confirmation about a season 4. but hopefully we can get one more season.

You cannot download Overlord Season 3 Episode 13 anywhere online but you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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